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KPS Top Polishing System

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Product Description



KPS Top Polishing System includes: KPS Handle, Drive Pad/Shroud, Splashguard/Dust Shroud, Dry Vac Attachment

Option available to order Without Dry Vac Attachment.


It is made of attachments designed to fit any of the larger 10 amp and up variable speed hand held polishers.


Handle: It’s unique, ergonomic handle design assembly is designed to improve cutting performance and machine control during the top polishing process.

The KPS Attachment:  Is a combination drive pad and protective shroud. The KPS is designed to work with all natural stones like marble, limestone, travertine, granite and even engineered stone and concrete. The KPS can even be used to sand hardwood effortlessly with no dust escaping. 

The Splashguard / Dust Shroud: With this one of a kind guard, you will never want to work without it again. It has a 3-fold benefit. It prevents overspray, contains dust and it protects walls and baseboards from drive pad damage.

Vacuum Adaptor: For the added option of dust control when cutting dry.



Here are some of the outstanding features of the KPS Attachment. 

The added weight of the unit eliminates user fatigue.  The machine does all the work. You only need to guide it as it cuts. The unit is so easy to use that even first time users can cut like a pro.  With this unit you can cut and polish wet or dry.  The shroud has two ports on the top which can be used either for dust extraction or as a water feed entry.  It also supports a centre water feed inlet.  With the combination of the aluminum protective shroud and the unique, one of a kind splashguard, if you cut wet, there is no splashing or overspray.  This saves a ton of time and labour on prep. If you cut dry, there is no dust that escapes.  This combination also allows you to run the unit right up to the wall, cutting within an 1/8 of an inch, with no wall damage.  With this unit, you can start cutting dry, then very quickly switch over to wet polishing just by removing the connecting vacuum tubes and inserting your water feed tube.  



Benefits of using the KPS Top Polishing System:


  1. It eliminates user fatigue.
  2. Spend less time prepping which saves money on material & labour.
  3. Provides a more consistent, even cutting pattern resulting in a better finish.
  4. Can cut wet with no splashing or cut dry with no dust.
  5. 2 dust extraction ports that can convert to water feed inlets. Also has a centre water feed inlet.
  6. Protects walls and baseboards from damage.
  7. Grinds and polishes hard surfaces with ease.
  8. Ergonomic handle, easy to control.
  9. Prolongs the life of the machine.
  10. Saves time and money.



Top Polishing Made Easy

Do you top polish marble, granite, or concrete surfaces?  If so, you know it can be a tedious, exhausting job.  Would you like to make your job easier? What are the options available to make this work easier?

There are several countertop machines on the market. Most are multi-head machines. They are very useful especially on larger countertops. The downside is that they are very heavy, bulky and expensive.  So they are not always practical for the stone or concrete refinisher or fabricator to carry around. Very often, the most versatile tool is the variable speed hand held polisher. With these smaller machines you can remove a small scratch in a granite countertop, you can seam polish joints, refinish a vanity or even a large countertop, a small ledge around a tub top, stair treads, or edge polish floors during restoration, you can attach a diamond cup wheel for heavy stock removal on concrete. The downside is they are messy, time consuming and exhausting to use and they require lots of practice to learn how to use them with skill.


So how can you make top polishing easier? 

Imagine if there was an attachment for a variable speed hand polisher that would make top polishing so easy that you could do it all day and not get tired.  Imagine if you could control overspray so there was virtually no mess to clean up. Imagine if you could cut dry with no dust then switch over to wet polishing with the same attachment. Imagine being able to top polish like a pro even if you have never used a hand machine before.  Imagine no more!  Now there is an attachment. 




Product Reviews

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  1. Best Tool - its worth the money

    Posted by Noel - owner/operator - Pacific Stonecare on 22nd Jan 2015

    I've been using KPS top polishing since the inception in 2014, I maybe one of the first to use this product and I'm loving it. This is amazing tool why I didn't think about this long time ago? I've been in the business for 14 yrs now never seen one like this. Definitely reduced your work hours in doing countertops , the handle is ergonomically designed that you can use this to do walls too, of course without the KPS (it's heavy). You can also use this for spot polishing on a big floor, will not make a big mess. The only downside, it's heavy :) but it's meant to be.

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