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Some of the World's Most Amazing Stone Restoration Projects

As stone restoration experts, we've all had a project that was large, complicated and messy enough to make us want to pack up our tools and head for the hills. But we also know, that for professionals, it is these jobs that we are most proud of when finished and take our experience as experts [...]

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Countertop or Stain Magnet?

Sometimes it seems that all day long we are plagued by questions regarding counter top stains. As the workhorse of both the kitchen and the bathroom, the counter top takes the brunt of most household tasks and sometimes has the stains to prove it. How to get rid of those stains depends on the type [...]

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Training the Best in Professional Stone Care and Restoration

Providing the best in stone care products is the meat of our business. Training new professionals is the gravy. With a shortage of skilled workers in all of the trades, MB Stone is proud to offer a full and comprehensive training course to future stone care and restoration professionals.