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Mar 05, 2014/Stone Care Guides

Training the Best in Professional Stone Care and Restoration

MB Stone presents Maurizio Bertoli's expert approach to stone restoration with MB Stone Professional and owner Stu Rosen's twist and advances. With a shortage of skilled workers in all of the trades, MB Stone is proud to offer a full and comprehensive training course to future stone care and restoration professionals. Teaching Maurizio Bertoli's expertise in stone restoration, our training course provides all the information needed to begin a successful career in stone care.

In just four days, attendees will learn what they need to know about equipment, tools and products; the different types of stone and tile and the restoration techniques needed. Instructor and professional stone restoration expert Stu Rosen imparts tips, techniques and wisdom gained from years of experience in the field.

Class size is limited to allow for full attention to be paid to each student and is held in Wilson, NC. Lesson topics include:

  • History of MB Stone
  • Basic Petrography: Stone Identification and Properties
  • Maintenance of Natural Stone
    • Machines and Equipment
    • Tools
    • Refinishing: Honing, polishing (wet and dry) and lippage removal
    • Stain Removal
    • Chip and Crack Repair
    • Shower Stall Restoration
    • Countertop Restoration
    • Terrazo Refinishing
    • Grout Cleaning: Techniques and Equipment
  • Business Aspects (Getting Started)
    • Customer pre-qualification
    • Marketing, Pricing, Contracts, Advertising, Profits...

All classes offer both academic and hands-on training. Class hours are 9am - 6pm with additional training available after hours.

Semi-private courses are also available. For more information regarding stone care and restoration instruction and training contact us at 888-509-5831 with questions and details about our next class and start date.

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