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2 Motor Slurry Containment Vacuum With Drain


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Other features of the Industrial Vacuum are its powerful 120 volt twin 1000 watt 8.5 amp motors, 195 CFM, 125" H20 and 2" inlet.

Ideal Applications:

Slurry Recovery from Concrete Sawing and Grinding Oils, Fluids, Metals and Plastic Chips and Shaving from Machine Shops Coolant and Fluid Transfers and Aeration Water and Debris Recovery from Pressure Washing -

Outdoor applications: Buildings, Driveways, Walkways, etc.Indoor applications: Manufacturing Machines, Food Manufacturers and Restaurant Wash Down Recovery.

Additional Features: Two powerful by-pass motors are protected from debris and liquids by a perforated float cage that is also used to keep the tank from overfilling.

Even with its large 24 gallon collection capacity the complete unit really seems to be just the right size for maneuverability. Incredibly rugged and durable, the heavy gauge polyethylene tank is dent and corrosion resistance and its black color hides wear and tear well that helps promote a professional appearance every time you show up to the job site.

Includes Slurry Bag

Weight 57.0 lb


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