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Titan 500 Variable Speed Hyper Grinder Demo Machine is a very compact and performing single-phase grinding and polishing machine equipped with a one way, fully geared rotating planetary and variable working speed, from 600-1300 rpm.

 The Titan 500 VS comes standard with a total mechanical transmission with thermoset gears for maximum reliability and durability. This machine is ideal for large marble, terrazzo, granite, and concrete surfaces. It also works great when used for the preparation of industrial floors, bush hammering, grinding, fast removal of old glues and resins, and mirror-polished concrete. It comes equipped with a 46 liter water tank and an adjustable handle up to 90 degrees. Another great feature of the Titan 500 VS is the versatile use of added weights, sold separately. Move the weights to the front to gain grinding pressure or move them to the back to facilitate the tool changes tilting operation. The Titan 500 VS allows quick and easy removal of the planetary head to add 20" diamond tools, brushes, floor pads or bush hammer.

Powerful front and rear LED spotlights are included

Additional Specifications: 4 Hp, 220-1/3 phase Volt, 50/60 Hertz, 30/20 Amp.

Special Order Item - Call 888-509-5831 to order.

Weight 452.0 lb


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