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KLENZTONE-2 Stone Cleaner for Unpolished Granite, Unpolished Marble, Stucco, Firebrick, Unglazed Terra Cotta, is primarily the granite and marble cleaning formula of KLENZTONE. Whether the object you want to clean is as small as a tombstone or as large as a multi-story building, Klenztone-2 will quickly and easily remove years worth of built up dirt and grime, revealing the natural beauty of the stone hidden underneath.


  • KLENZTONE-2 comes ready to use. All you do is apply it, give it time to work and rinse with water. KLENZTONE does the work, cleaning for you, and because any formula of KLENZTONE can be left to dry on the surfaces KLENZTONE-2 is recommended for cleaning without harm, there is no hurry rinsing it off. (Before using KLENZTONE, on the surfaces that KLENZTONE-2 is recommended to clean, you must do a patch test.)
  •  Brush, roll or spray KLENZTONE on to a dry surface, thoroughly wetting it.
  • Allow KLENZTONE time to work, leaving the chemical on at least as long as your patch test.
  • Rinse the loosened grime from the surface using water. This can be done in a manner different ways. However, on the very dirty exterior surfaces KLENZTONE-2 is used to clean, a pressure washer is usually the easiest, most convenient way to perform the work.

Coverage: 200 - 300 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on the porosity of the surface.

Safety: Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles when handling KLENZTONE and ventilate enclosed areas. If KLENZTONE gets on skin or into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Environmentally Safe: KLENZTONE is readily biodegradable and releases no VOCs when used properly, it poses no threat to the environment. Dispose of all wastes safely according to federal, state and local regulations.

Storage/Shelf Life: Keep containers sealed when not in use to prevent the salts from crystallizing. Maintain product at a minimum temperature of 50° F. Though its appearance darkens over time, the material will keep as long as it is not allowed to crystallize.

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