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KPS Cobra 5 Basic Kit ** NEW DESIGN**


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KPS Cobra 5 BASIC KIT Includes:

  • Protective Shroud
  • Weight Kit
  • 5 inch splash guard

The KPS Cobra 5 Basic Kit is designed to attach to just about any hand held polisher for use when refinishing natural stone, concrete, quartz counter tops, stairs, walls and edges. It will turn your ordinary polisher into a powerful, versatile refinishing tool. Works with pad drivers you already have too! 5/8-11 thread. M14 adapter needed if using a M14 tool.

Attach any of your favorite

  • Pad Holders
  • Cup Wheels
  • Diamond Brushes

Then slide on the unique Cobra Splash guard to wet grind, hone, polish and antique brush with no over spray! This will save you a ton of setup and clean up time. To grind dry, simply attach the dry vac kit.

One of the best features of the newly designed Cobra 5 is the ability to add weight. The basic kit comes with a 4 lb weight that locks in place. The combined weight is 5 lbs of extra cutting pressure. This makes honing and polishing a lot easier virtually eliminating user fatigue.


  • Cut wet with virtually no splashing or cut dry with no dust.
  • Spend less prep time which saves money on material and labor.
  • Provides consistent, even pressure resulting in a better finish.
  • Add the weight kit to grind and polish hard surfaces with ease. Greatly reduces user fatigue.
  • Attach water-feed kit through the elbow or use center water-feed feature.
  • Hone and polish walls with full water-feed feature and no over spray.
  • Splash guard protects walls and baseboards from drive pad damage. Prolongs the life of the hand machine. The Splash guard/Dust guard comes in 2 sizes, 5" & 7''.

Additional accessories available HERE.

Weight 10.0 lb


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