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Lozano Leopard "L-60" Antislip Polisher


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Top Leopard Diamond pads. L-60 ANTISLIP POLISH (5 Litres) Emulsion made of waxes and resins formulated for the maintenance of all types of surfaces. This product is highly resistant to intense traffic and when it is applied seals, polishes and gives friction. Instructions for use: Pure: For marble and terrazzo. Pour a small quantity of "L-60" on 3 o 4 m2 (10 to 15 feet), and with a rotary machine provided with a red floor pad, spread uniformly from left to right and from top to bottom until it dires and the expected shine appears. Diluted: For marble, terrazzo and concrete. Dilute 2 parts of "L-60" in 3 parts of water. Spread uniformly with a moist mop and wait for a few minutes. Once it is dry, use a rotary machine provided with a red floor pad.

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