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SGA-30 - Super Grout Additive


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SGA-30 - Super Grout Additive premium waterproof tile grout repair and adhesive (grout sold separately).


  • Repairs all types of tile grout
  • Built-in sealer, never seal grout again
  • Will not crack, stronger than caulk
  • Keeps water from getting under tile
  • Mixes with any cement base grout
  • Applies in minutes
  • Lasts for years


  • Applications - Shower floors, tub showers, grout corners, kitchen counters
  • Water Clean Up - No chemicals needed
  • For New & Existing Installations - Small or large repairs, tile, ceramic, porcelain, stone, quartz and marble
  • Grout Colorant - Apply directly over existing grout to make new
  • Grout Sealer - Never needs sealing and is more effective than standard sealers

Kit includes: Applicator, gloves, mixing cups & sticks

Makes 90 oz epoxy grout.

Weight 3.0 lb


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