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Super Grout Additive Kit


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Super Grout Additive Kit replaces silicone and caulk. Use in bathroom showers, tubs, tile shower floors, tiled counter-tops, back-splashes, and all vertical and horizontal corners. Each kit can repair up to 2 showers.

The kit includes:

  • Super Grout Resin-Part A
  • Super Grout Hardener-Part B
  • 1 syringe
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 wood mixing stick
  • 2 cups for mixing

Coverage Per Kit: 50 Linear Foot - Makes 12 oz. - 15 oz. depending on final consistency.


  • Make sure and clean area first with a high quality tile & grout cleaner.
  • Scrape and remove any loose grout and caulk completely.
  • Make sure area is clean and dry.
  • Make sure and mix Part A Resin thoroughly with included mix stick. Use a plastic disposable cup (8 oz cup works fine) to mix Ceramic Tile Pro Super Grout Additive™ and Grout (GROUT SOLD SEPARATELY) . 
  • Usually 1/2 kit will cover a standard tub/surround where tile meets tub (approx 15 linear foot) or a standard shower floor perimeter (approx 14 linear foot).
  • To mix 1/2 kit, use supplied measure cups, fill 2 times with Part A Resin, and 1 time with Part B Hardener, mix together inside 8 oz cup for 1 minute, use 5-6 measure cups of sanded grout, adding 2 measure cups of grout at a time, mix with supplied wood mix stick, keep adding up to 6 measure cups for final consistency that works perfect for all types of applications.
  • Add mixed grout to syringe and apply to areas needing repair.
  • Use vinyl gloves, smooth Super Grout with finger.
  • Use warm/hot bucket of clean water and wipe with microfiber towel.
  • Make sure all remaining residue has been removed.
  • Allow wet areas like shower to dry for 3 days, countertops & floors for 1 day before use.

WARNING: May cause skin and eye irritation. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Avoid breathing in fumes, dust, and vapors. Wear protective gloves.

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