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Water Fire TOP VS


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New Edge and Corners multi-features Hand Grinder

- With adjustable head

- IP 54 Water and Dust proof

Hand grinder with adjustable head, for corners, edges, countertops, skirtings, stairs, for bush-hammer stairs and small surfaces and for open joints. Water Fire is the ideal machine to achieve a perfect grinding of natural stones, concrete, wood and a perfect polishing of countertops, shelves, tables and narrow areas. It can be used as a edge grinder, as well as a stairs bush-hammer and as a joint chaser thanks to its extra accessories.

Main Features:

  • The only hand grinder with IP 54 Protection in the World.
  • Exceptional asynchronous motor strength, compared to a traditional motor, it lasts longer thanks to the protection from external agents like water or dust.
  • Oversized gears and bearings, compared to a traditional hand grinder.
  • Spherical wheels to achieve a perfectly flat surface (to avoid the wave effect).
  • Front led light to check the working area.
  • Rotating head feature, for Joint chasing application.
  • Variable Speed.
  • Wet or Dry grinding operation (equipped with water nozzle).


Water Fire Top VS includes:

  • Back Spherical wheels with independent adjusting
  • Protective sucking cap 125mm
  • Splashguard 125mm
  • Soft platorello 125mm
  • Adjustable head with spherical guides
  • Variable speed.

Weight 23.0 lb


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