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May 26, 2021/Stone Care Guides

How to Care for Stone: Professional Training

stone care training

Stone care training is not just for stone carvers and masons anymore. With more and more people choosing to use natural stone as an option for countertops, floors, walls, or other areas of their home or business, the demand for stone care specialists has grown exponentially. Whether you are a professional who wants to offer your clients additional services or want to learn how to take care of your stone surfaces at home, this post will help you understand the value you will get out of stone care training.

What is stone care training?

Stone care training can take many forms. One option is to sign up for stone care courses offered at colleges and universities, typically covering topics like how stone reacts with different acids or alkaline cleaners, what products are safe on natural stone surfaces, and the differences in commercial-grade sealers compared to those explicitly marketed for residential use.

Another way would be through a private stone care professional who offers one-on-one instruction about all things related to stone care. This might include demonstrations of the proper techniques for cleaning various types of stones and lessons regarding climate control within rooms where natural stone has been installed (for example, ensuring there's an adequate supply of fresh air circulating).

Who can benefit from this type of training?

Stone care training is beneficial for anyone tasked with stone care for a living, such as professionals in the construction industry or interior designers. For instance, those working on commercial projects might find themselves facing many types of stone surfaces that they've never encountered before; training would allow them to understand better what products are safe to use and how best to clean each type.

What is the importance of stone care training?

Learn safety measures

Store care can lead to accidents and injuries if not done correctly. When you undergo training, you'll be taught all of the necessary safety precautions to avoid accidents that can happen on your job site.

Keep your business safe

If you are a professional who offers stone care services, stone care training will help protect your clients from hazards like slips or trips on floors with wet sealant still drying. While this may seem unimportant in the scope of things, it's something that can't go overlooked when considering customer satisfaction. Keeping customers happy is the priority because unhappy customers are more likely to leave negative reviews than satisfied ones. In addition, stone care training teaches you how to use an acid wash properly, so there's never any residual chemical odor left behind after installation.

Learn about stone

With stone care training, you will learn more about stones, from the best way to clean them, how often and where you should seal them with products, and what type of tools work best for various stones.

This knowledge will help you save your clients money on maintenance expenses by preventing damage before it happens. You'll also be able to learn enough background information on all different types of stone so that when they ask which product would be better suited for their needs (say quartz versus marble), you won't have to pass them off to someone else who knows more than you do.

Build a resume

When you undergo stone care training, you will be accredited and certified. Potential customers will be confident that you have the expertise to take care of their stone, and they will be more willing to hire you. Therefore, this training makes it easier for you to find a job.

Create a network

A professional stone care training course is an excellent way to network within the stone care industry. The connections are not only valuable in getting job opportunities but also in terms of knowing the industry and what it is like to work in this field.

A certified course allows you to learn alongside some of the best in their fields. These instructors know about stone care--what products to use for different purposes, how much pressure to put behind various tools when cleaning them up, etc.--and they want to share their knowledge with you.

Final thoughts 

Stone care training can help you build a solid, impressive resume with skills sought after by employers. You will be learning about stone types, stone cleaning techniques, and how to evaluate damage or deterioration on these surfaces. A professional stone care certificate tells potential clients that you have gone through extensive schooling on marble, granite, and other stones. Enroll today!

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