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Bonstone Adhesives & Products for Stone, Masonry & Concrete

For nearly six decades, Bonstone has been at the forefront of developing specialized adhesives, epoxies, and patching systems. Recognized for reliability and effectiveness, Bonstone products are crafted to meet the diverse needs of the stone industry. Bonstone provides the perfect solution tailored for both interior and exterior applications.

Wide Range of Applications

Bonstone’s products are expertly formulated to bond, repair, and enhance a variety of substrates including concrete, granite, limestone, marble, and other natural stones. Each product is designed to offer optimal performance in specific scenarios, from sealing and laminating to anchoring and crack repair.

Our Bonstone Adhesives & Product Offerings

Adhesives and Epoxies

Bonstone adhesives and epoxies are engineered to meet the diverse bonding needs of the stone industry. These products provide strong, durable bonds for a variety of interior and exterior applications.

Whether you are laminating slabs, seaming countertops, or attaching stone pieces vertically, Bonstone’s adhesives and epoxies offer unparalleled strength and ease of use.

Patching Systems

Bonstone's patching systems are designed for repairing and patching a wide range of stone surfaces. These products ensure that repairs are not only effective but also blend seamlessly with the original material.

Suitable for everything from fixing small chips to filling large cracks, Bonstone patching systems restore the beauty and integrity of stone structures.

Tools and Accessories

To facilitate precise and efficient application of adhesives and patching systems, Bonstone offers a variety of tools and accessories. These include manual and dual cartridge guns for epoxy application, as well as nozzles and mixers that ensure consistent product application. 

Specialty Products

Specialty products include unique formulations and accessories designed to enhance and customize the use of Bonstone’s primary products. From color kits that allow for perfect color matching in repairs, to accelerators that reduce curing time, these products provide additional functionalities to meet specialized project requirements.

Why Choose Bonstone?

By choosing Bonstone, you ensure that your stone projects are not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting and structurally sound. Explore our product offerings to find the perfect match for your stone repair, fabrication, or restoration needs.