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Sep 27, 2021/Stone Care Guides

Tips for Removing Soap Scum from Your Granite Countertop

Obviously, you want to clean it and are looking at ways for removing soap scum, and you may be worried about using the wrong product.  Help is at hand MB3 Soap and Mineral Deposit Remover will clean it naturally and beautifully.

Safely Cleaning a Stone Shower Wall

You have chosen a safe and gentle product with a combination of nonacid chemicals to clean your shower walls and floor; fortunately, it is also safe on the shower glass. It will effortlessly remove the residual scum without any heavy scrubbing. To keep your shower beautiful, directions are provided on how to use it every week or more often if it is a family shower.

Directions for Removing Soap Scum 

  • Dilute MB stone care 1 part to 2 parts warm water
  • Wearing rubber gloves to protect your skin, apply liberally with a sponge, leave it there for at least 10 minutes
  • Lightly scrub it off, taking the scum with it.
  • Rinse the area off with clean water.

You need a bucket, rubber gloves, and MB3 Soap and Mineral Deposit to clean your Granite successfully.

Once you have mixed the product in the bucket using a sponge to apply the product liberally. Use short and gentle strokes to cover the surface.

Leave the product in place for up to 10 minutes, and then it is time to rinse it off.

Make sure that you always use cold water to rinse the scum away. Once you have thoroughly rinsed the area, it is time to buff it up.

Take a clean microfiber cloth and rub the Granite clean of excess water, taking any residual soap away and removing soap scum.

Cleaning Granite

When you have finished showering, wipe down the walls with a dry cloth to prevent the build-up of scum and water stains from forming. A non-acidic cleanser to remove the scum is the best thing to use, as the acid will damage the stone's surface. When you have applied your non-acidic cleaner, gently buff away any hard water stains with the finest steel wool. Use 000. Dry off the area when cleaning is completed.

Your bathroom should be well ventilated, so leave the extraction fan on for an hour to take away the dampness and allow the room to dry thoroughly. This process will prevent the formation of any mildew that tends to form in dark, damp areas.

Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Keep a designated microfiber cloth for your kitchen benchtops to avoid cross-contamination in the area. Try not to scratch your Granite when you are cleaning it. If you are washing up without using a dishwasher, always keep a dish rack on the benchtop to avoid the saucepans and cutlery coming in direct contact with the granite bench. Always use a chopping board for food preparation to protect the granite surface. If you can keep it clean and free of scratches, it should last you for much longer. 

Any soap scum forming on your granite benchtops near the sink should be immediately removed using your fit-for-purpose product: MB3 Soap and Mineral Deposit Remover to keep your granite workspace looking new for longer.

Keep strategically placed heatproof protectors on your bench so that anything hot from the oven is not placed directly onto the Granite, as doing this could cause scratches and marks. In the worst-case scenario, it could cause a burn mark, which would be hard to remove. Creating meals in your kitchen is a more harmonious and relaxing space when everything is clean and in order.


Whether it is your bathroom or kitchen, Granite is a beautiful choice, and removing soap scum is essential whenever it forms to maintain cleanliness and to keep the area free of germs. Once you remove the mineral deposits that build up in the bathroom, you will get used to doing it regularly, causing your Granite to gleam and glow, and the good thing is you can keep it looking new for years by regularly removing soap scum.

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