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Jun 25, 2021/Stone Care Guides

Using Extreme Epoxy to Repair Stone

Using Extreme Epoxy to Repair Stone

High Level of Efficiency

When you need to repair stone, you can get the job done with a high level of efficiency when you use Fast Set Extreme Epoxy. This product is one hundred percent solid, so you don't have to worry about it being too runny. It has been developed to be knife-grade quality, which means that it can simply be applied with any knife you want to use.  Apply the epoxy in a smooth and carefree manner without any hassles. Also, the epoxy is so strong that it can withstand a knife cutting something directly on top of the stone's surface where the epoxy has been applied once the epoxy has set.

Moisture Resistant

Suppose you have been concerned about other products you have used for stone repairs that do not tolerate moisture. In that case, you will not have to worry about this issue when you use Fast Set Extreme Epoxy. This product has been masterfully designed to be tolerant to moisture and possesses a high modulus. You will be impressed that this structural epoxy adhesive provides you with a high level of dependable strength needed for all the stone repairs you do for clients or yourself.


This product is highly convenient for all contract stone repairs that you do. You will be pleased that you will not experience any sagging from the product once applied to the stone. Fast Set Extreme Epoxy is designed for your peace of mind and ultra-convenience when you want the product you use for stone repair to set quickly. Also, this top-quality epoxy is impressive in that it can be efficiently used in cold weather and will still perform supremely well for your stone repair without experiencing any issues of sagging or cracking.

Easy To Use

Due to the provision of the cartridge system, there is now no need for any type of mixing or measurement when you use this superior quality epoxy that can cure at temperatures below the freezing point. This product is easy to use. Be aware that it should not be used for interior stone repair due to having a strong odor during the application process. As a result, Fast Set Extreme Epoxy is made for outdoor usage only.

Suitable For Many Types of Scenarios

Fast Set Extreme Epoxy is ideal to use in store repair situations where you need to re-attach stone. Also, this product is perfect for the setting of cemetery markers. It provides excellent structural bonding for masonry, wood, metals as well as natural stone. It proves to be an excellent product when you need to provide anchorage for pins, dowels, and bolts.

This product serves well when there is a need for structural repair for natural stone. In addition, it can be used to inject into cracks that are noticeable in natural stone. Furthermore, it acts as a terrific sealant around the areas where the product has been injected.

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