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Fast Set Extreme Epoxy


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Fast Set™ Extreme is a 2-component, 100% solids, non-sag, knife-grade, moisture-tolerant, high modulus, high-strength structural epoxy adhesive. Fast Set™ Extreme is packaged for convenient handling in applications relating to contractor restoration, doweling, and general bonding.This knife grade (non-sag) exterior epoxy system is suggested for fast setting or cold weather applications where initial setting speed or use in cold temperatures is critical. Unlike most epoxies, Fast-Set™ cures at below freezing temperatures.The cartridge system eliminates measuring and mixing the two components. Easy to use and great for assembly line epoxy fabrication. Not recommended for interior application-strong odor when applying.


  • Re-attaching stone
  • Setting cemetery markers
  • Laminating
  • Structural bonding of natural stone, concrete, masonry, metals, wood, etc
  • Anchoring of bolts, dowels, re bar, pins, etc
  • Structural repair of natural stone, concrete, masonry, metals, wood, etc
  • Crack injection and repair for natural stone, concrete, wood, etc
  • Seals cracks and around injection ports prior to pressure-injection grouting
  • Pick-proof sealant around windows, doors, lock-ups, etc., inside correctional facilities


  • Cures at below-freezing temperatures
  • Very fast setting
  • Exceptional strength and durability
  • Knife grade (non-sag) viscosity
  • Moisture tolerant
  • High modulus

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