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Mortar Repair Kit HRM


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This versatile patching kit is ideal for repairing chips, cracks, broken off corners with limestone, sandstone, brick, terracotta, precast and concrete. This lime-based mortar is a breathable system which allows for vapor transmission. The kit enables you to patch common job site repairs.

Additional tints are available for custom matching.


  • Skim coats on pitted surfaces
  • Crack Filling Capping material for crack injection
  • Porous stone
  • Dutchman joint repair


  • Inexpensive
  • Great for mock-ups
  • Colors can be mixed together for slight variation

Kit Includes:

  • (3) 8 oz containers of HRM (Buff, Gray and Neutral)
  • (1) 8 oz latex binder
  • mix sticks
  • mix cups
  • pair of gloves
  • Instructions included for repair applications and techniques.

Weight 4.0 lb


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