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May 26, 2022/Stone Care Guides

5 Reasons to Choose Neolith Countertops for Your Home

Neolith Countertops

Neolith countertops are the perfect option if you're looking to completely transform your kitchen or bathroom without breaking the bank. Durable, easy to clean, and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, Neolith is becoming one of the most popular materials among homeowners on the hunt for new countertops. Here are five reasons why you should choose this material as well.

1) Versatile

One of neolith's greatest advantages is its versatility. Like granite, it can be polished and made into sleek countertops, but it can also be ground and textured into a beautiful surface that resembles brick or stone. These options allow you to create both modern and rustic kitchen surfaces, complete with different finishes and unique patterns. Furthermore, if your kitchen remodel is extensive enough, you could completely transform your space with a new countertop material—which means spending less money on design features like furniture or decorations. Plus, neolith will not warp or crack with time, unlike laminate or wood-based countertops. Its edge-grain structure makes it easy to maintain and highly durable in demanding conditions.

2) Different

Neolith is different. In fact, it's probably unlike any other kitchen countertop you've ever seen. It's a black, solid surface engineered stone that provides beautiful style and practicality in one package. We have heard countless times from customers that they love how their counters match everything else in their home—and stand out from everything else in their home! When shopping around for your new countertop material, be sure you keep an eye out for something that matches with what you already have—but also complements your design taste (whether it's a mid-century modern ranch or rustic cabin). With all of its unique features, we think Neolith does just that! 

3) Durable

While many people think of countertops as purely decorative, it's worth remembering that they're also utilitarian and get a lot of use. When you consider that fact, durability is crucial. Made from aluminum oxide or silicon dioxide, Neolith has been laboratory-tested by SGS (one of only four labs in North America with testing capabilities) and determined to be four times stronger than granite and 2.5 times stronger than marble. Not only does it hold up better than other materials over time, but should damage occur (due to drops or dings), it's very easy to repair because a chip can simply be resurfaced—no need for replacement.

4) Long-lasting

Many countertop materials, such as natural stone, marble, and granite, need sealant and polish regularly. The polished look is beautiful, but a lot of work is involved in maintaining it. Neolith can be used in high-traffic areas like kitchens without worrying about scratches or messes because it's so easy to clean. On top of that, natural stone doesn't bend or flex like ceramic tile and resists chipping, unlike glass tiles. You also don't have to worry about slipping or falling when using these surfaces around your home! Cleaning up messes is easier than ever!

5) Easy to Clean

Unlike granite or marble, you can clean neolith countertops with any ordinary household cleaner. You don't have to worry about spills staining your counters permanently. Plus, they are easy to repair—if they crack or chip, you can easily fill in small sections without replacing them entirely. From start to finish, your neolith counters will save you time and money on cleaning products and repairs. If cost is a factor for you in making your home more beautiful and functional, it's worth choosing a material that makes everything easier! 


As you can see, neolith countertops are an excellent choice if you're looking for a long-lasting, lightweight, and environmentally friendly material. They can be installed over any existing countertop in your home and aren't prone to cracking or wearing out with regular use. If you want new countertops that look good, feel good, and are easy on both your budget and your environment, neolith is a great option.

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