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Jul 15, 2015/Stone Care Guides

How to Re-Polish a Granite or Engineered Stone Top

Granite is an extremely durable and hard natural stone, but it isn’t immune to becoming dull or getting scratched over time. The good news is with a little elbow grease and a good polishing cream, such as MB-20 Granite Polish, you can re-polish your granite or engineered stone top surfaces back to their original brilliance. The process is fairly simple and can typically be completed in a few hours.

The Polishing Pads

The polishing pad you choose to use with the MB-20 Granite Polish depends on the depth of the scratches as well as the degree of shine you want as the finish. For deep scratches use a slightly coarser polishing pad, about 200 grit will remove all surface scratches as well as scratches which extend beyond the first layer of stone (grits range from 50-3000, the lower the grit the greater the coarseness). You will need a polishing pad to remove the scratches, one to dull the first layer and one to bring back the shine.

Re-polishing the Granite

Simply apply the recommended amount of MB-20 Granite Polish to the granite top and follow these instructions:

  • Attach the appropriate polishing pad and set the speed to the recommended rate, typically a low rate of speed for grinding. Do not apply pressure when grinding out the scratches, let the polishing pad do the work for you.
  • Once the scratches and stains have been removed, wipe the granite top to remove excess dust. Apply a small amount of granite polish to the granite top and change to a pad with less grit (the higher the number, the less the grit) and continue to buff the granite top until the top surface is level and all of the old finish is removed.
  • Wipe away the excess dust, change the polishing pad to one with a high grit number but remember, the higher the grit, the greater the shine and smoothness will be (grit can go as high as 3000). Lightly burnish (buff) the granite top until it reaches your desired shine.

If you routinely clean and maintain the re-polished granite, it will continue to have luster and sheen. The easiest way to prevent stains is to wipe away spills as soon as they happen. Routinely clean the granite top with granite approved cleanser as well as polish it with a buffing pad and MB-20 Granite Polish at the first sign of dulling. When you re-polish granite it removes the surface layer of the stone, so it will vary slightly in color each time you re-work it. For more information on granite and other natural stone care as well as which products will best suit your needs, you can visit us at

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