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May 26, 2021/Stone Care Guides

Stone Gear and Restoration for Professionals

When you are a professional who does the restoration of natural stone to restore its elegance, luxury, and beauty for your customers, then you really do need to have top-quality stone gear. That is why we mention some of the best stone gear supplies to help you do terrific stone restoration every time.


1 Moisture Encounter Plus 

The Moisture Encounter Plus is a wonderful top-quality meter masterfully designed to detect moisture for an overall inspection of a building without causing any invasive destruction to the building. You can be confident that this device will perform the detection, measurement, and evaluation of moisture in a super quick manner with a high level of precision.

Truly, this device can indicate the level of moisture in regard to various types of building materials via conducting the measurement of the impedance of the flow of electricity. You will appreciate the fact that it offers an expansive reading capability from a range of five percent to thirty percent. There is the ability to provide a deep signal penetration, which means that it can provide a reading at a depth of more than one inch without the requirement to cause any damage to the surface of various materials, such as wood, stone drywall, etc.


2 RX Refresh Blue Skies

RX Refresh Blue Skies comes to you as an excellent solution for deodorizing air that is unpleasant on various job sites. You will be benefited from a quart-size concentrated formula. It comes with the convenience of a sprayer that is refillable as well. When you are the type of person who desires to have a safer product to use, and that is more eco-friendly, then this is the spray that you need to get. This is because there is no longer any need to use aerosols when you have this amazing and powerful deodorizing spray.

You will also make a better impact on the environment when you use this product, as there will be no aerosol cans to create waste when you use the fine quality deodorizing spray. The scent of the product is pleasant and refreshing, which means that you can be confident that the space will smell pleasant for your clients and yourself as you work on the job site. Moreover, you will be pleased that the scent remains for a long time, demonstrating the reality that this is a high-quality product worthy of use.


3 Hyper Grinder Hypervac 777 Professional Vacuum Cleaner

When you are in need of a professional vacuum cleaner, then you certainly should consider getting the Hyper Grinder Hypervac 777 Professional Vacuum Cleaner. This is indeed an excellent stone gear product to use, as this is an amazingly robust device that gets rid of the dust when you are working with stone.

You will have to cut stone, and it will make a mess. But with this professional-grade vacuum cleaner, cleaning up is simple, easy, and quick. This reliable vacuum cleaner is designed with a pre-separator cyclone that functions with ultra-high performance, which is why it can impressively conduct dust removal at a rate of up to ninety-five percent. Also, it is noted that the top-quality pre-separator cyclonic action contributes to extending the longevity of the vacuum's filter.


4 Digital Gloss Meter

The Digital Gloss Meter is a much-needed tool when you apply finishes to natural stone surfaces. This device is designed to provide highly accurate measurements in polished surfaces with flat finishes or gloss finishes.

When the scenario is that you are polishing concrete floors, granite, terrazzo, and marble, you do desire to achieve a highly defined shine with real depth as a result of your professional polishing efforts. Thus, the Digital Gloss Meter will empower you to do your work well with high levels of consistency by indicating the level of shine. This device is trustworthy to use for the precise calibrations that you need every time. This meter is light in weight and small in size for ultra-efficiency during usage.

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