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AC WORKS® Cord Adapter Kit


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Heavy Duty AC WORKS® Cord Adapter Kit 

This Heavy Duty AC WORKS® Cord Adapter Kit solves your power issues when working on residential and other job sites where 20 amp circuits are limited or unavailable. When running machines like the 3 hp Klindex, Hyper Grinder or other 110 v machines that draw maximum amperage, circuits can become overloaded and create issues like popping breakers, dimming lights and low power draw. This kit allows you to plug into a dryer or stove outlet and connect your 110 v plug without having to worry about overloading any circuits or having any issues with your equipment. Once connected, you will have (4) 110 v plugs available. There are (2) banks, each with its own 24 amp breaker. This gives you (2) plugs on 24 amps on the left and (2) plugs on 24 amps on the right. 48 amps total! Compare this to a standard 15 amp outlet or a 20 amp GFCI outlet you would typically find in a home, you can understand how important of a tool this is to have at your ready.

How it works:

There are (3) adapters in the kit that plug into the wall; A 4 prong stove adapter, a 4 prong dryer adapter (newer houses) and a 3 prong dryer (older houses) adapter with a ground lead. Decide where you want to plug in and choose the appropriate adapter.

  • Stove (4 prong) - This is a 4 prong adapter with 3 straight blades and one round ground prong
  • Dryer (4 prong) - This is a 4 prong adapter with 2 straight blades, one "L" blade, and one round ground prong
  • Dryer (3 prong) - This is a 3 prong adapter with 2 angles, straight blades and one "L" blade, plus a green ground wire with a metal tip at the end. This MUST be inserted into the nearest outlet's ground socket. When plugging into a dryer, there should be another 110 v outlet right next to it, where the washing machine would plug into. Locate the round hole in one of those 2 outlets and insert the metal lead from the green wire into the hole. This will ground your connection and protect the outlet and your equipment. The 4 prong adapters have a ground included, hence the 4th prong.

NOTE: If you need to use the 3 prong adapter to plug into the dryer outlet, you will also need to use the 4 prong dryer adapter, then plug the extension cord into that.

Once you have the adapter plugged into the outlet, take the round 4 prong connector from the end of the large extension cord and insert it into the open end of the adapter and twist, locking it into place.

Extend the extension cord with the (4) 110 v sockets on it and place it where you will be able to plug in your equipment.

Included in the kit:

  • 4 Prong Stove Adapter - NEMA 14-50P 50 Amp Plug Adapter
  • 4 Prong Dryer Adapter - NEMA 14-30P 30 Amp Plug Adapter
  • 3 Prong Dryer Adapter - NEMA 10-30P 30 Amp Plug Adapter With Ground Lead
  • 25 Foot, 10 Gauge Extension Cord With 4 15/20A Outlets With Two 24-Amp Breakers


  • Extra heavy duty 10 gauge wire
  • 25 foot extension cord has a 4 prong NEMA L14-30R so it can be plugged directly into a generator when required on sites that don't have power established
  • Eliminates intermittent power issues while on the job
  • Small package doesn't take up much room in the work vehicle

Weight 16.0 lb


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