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MB-5 Key Features

  • pH Neutral Formula: Safe and effective for daily use.
  • Multi surface cleaner: Suitable for marble, granite, ceramic, corian, porcelain, glass, including mirrors, and most other hard surfaces.
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures: Cleans bath and kitchen fixtures effortlessly.
  • Quick and Easy Cleaning: Special chemical combination ensures fast and easy cleaning.
  • Daily Use: Ideal for regular maintenance of surfaces.

MB-5 Multi Surface Cleaner Spray

MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Cleaner uses a pH neutral combination of special chemicals that quickly and easily cleans marble, granite, ceramic, corian, porcelain, glass, including mirrors and most other hard surfaces.

It also works great on bath and kitchen fixtures. Safe to use daily. Not designed to clean heavily soiled areas or remove soap build up. (For heavy duty cleaning and removal of soap build up, use our MB-3 Soap & Mineral Deposit Remover.) 

Available Sizes

Available in case quantity of 12 quarts or 4 gallons. Call (888) 509-5831 for pricing.

Both quart size and gallon size come ready to use. 

How to Use MB-5 Multi Surface Cleaner Spray

  • Hold the sprayer about 6 to 8 inches from surface.
  • Spray a light mist over the area to be cleaned.
  • Let the product sit for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Buff the surface dry with a paper towel or a clean white cloth.
  • When towel becomes wet, discard and start with a fresh one.

What is the difference between all-purpose cleaner and multi-surface cleaner?

The terms all-purpose cleaners and multi-surface cleaners are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct differences in formulation and intended use.

  • All-Purpose Cleaner: This type of cleaner is formulated to tackle a wide variety of surfaces and cleaning tasks. It typically includes stronger detergents and may have ingredients like bleach or ammonia to enhance cleaning power. All-purpose cleaners are designed to handle tougher stains and more heavily soiled areas, making them suitable for high-traffic areas or deep cleaning tasks.

  • Multi-Surface Cleaner: These cleaners are specifically formulated to be safe and effective on a broader range of surfaces, often including delicate ones. They usually have a pH-neutral formula that ensures they won't damage sensitive materials like marble, granite, and glass. Multi-surface cleaners are intended for regular, daily cleaning rather than heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

If you need a cleaner for everyday maintenance and to ensure the safety of delicate surfaces, a multi-surface cleaner like MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Cleaner is ideal. Its pH-neutral formula makes it safe for materials such as marble, granite, and glass, providing efficient cleaning without the risk of damage.

Can you use a multi-surface cleaner on everything?

Multi-surface cleaners are designed to be versatile and safe for a variety of surfaces but they are not necessarily suitable for every type of cleaning task or surface.

  • Safe Surfaces: Multi-surface cleaners are generally safe for hard surfaces such as marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain, glass, and corian. They can be used on bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well, making them versatile for daily cleaning.

  • Limitations: However, multi-surface cleaners might not be effective for heavily soiled areas or surfaces with significant soap buildup. They are not typically designed to handle deep cleaning tasks or to remove tough stains and residues.

MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Cleaner is excellent for everyday cleaning across a wide range of surfaces. However, for areas that are heavily soiled or have significant soap buildup, you would need a more specialized product like MB-3 Soap & Mineral Deposit Remover to achieve the best results.

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More About Our Marble Spray Cleaner

MB-5 Stone & More is an effective and safe product that can be used on several hard surfaces. With packaging that makes it easy to use and an affordable price, you'll find yourself reaching for this incredible product on a daily basis! Learn more about it in the FAQ section below.

pH-neutral cleaners are designed to be gentle on natural stone surfaces and will not harm or etch the finish. Using a cleaning product that is not intended for hard surfaces might cause damage and a loss of shine over time. Because acidic cleaning products react with natural stones and cause deterioration over time, utilizing a pH-neutral solution can protect and extend the lifespan of your natural stone countertops.

Absolutely! This cleaner was designed to be safe to use on natural stone on a daily basis. It offers great value for money, as it can be used on many different surfaces, so you won't have to pay for multiple cleaning agents.

This is a fantastic product for just about any stone surface. It may be used on marble, granite, quartz, travertine, onyx, slate, limestone, and more. It also works well on most other hard surfaces and can also be used as a pH-neutral glass cleaner.

No, this product is not designed to treat soap scum. If you require a suitable product for this purpose, give our MB-3 Soap and Mineral Deposit Remover or Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream a try.

This is a pH-neutral cleaner that requires no rinsing, and it is food safe as well. It’s also suitable for use on surfaces that your kids and pets may come into contact with.

Absolutely! This cleaner is designed to give you a streak-free shine on your stone surfaces.

Our stone cleaner spray is designed for your light everyday cleaning. If you require a product to help with heavy-duty cleaning, we have specialty products. Should you need help deciding what is going to be best for you, contact us, and we will gladly assist.

At MB Stone Pro, we are committed to providing advice and support. If you need more information about this pH-neutral granite cleaner, you can contact us using one of the following options:

  • Give us a call at 888-509-5831.
  • Chat with us on social media.
  • Text us at 252-289-1584.
  • Email us at
  • Use the live chat feature available on our website.

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