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Hyper Grinder Variable Speed Counter Top Polisher is a manual planetary polisher for grinding and polishing counter tops, stairs, edges and narrow areas. Thanks to its powerful motor and to the counter-rotating planetary, it is possible to grind and polish marble, granite and concrete. It differs from all the other machines on the market for its robustness and its perfect balance. The speed of the abrasives is studied in order to make the machine stable, easing the grinding and polishing operations. It is supplied with splash guard and connection for vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to its accessories, you can transform this machine into a floor machine for: grinding and polishing stairs, grinding and polishing marble, stones and concrete, sanding wooden floors, and making antique finish of marbles, stones and wood. Complete with tank, splash guard and kit hook and loop pad holder. Short handle with 8 liter water tank sold separately.

TECHNICAL DATA: VARIABLE SPEED Watt: 750 Volt: 110/220 Hertz: 50/60 Working Width: 290mm or 330mm Tool Size: 3) 100mm or 3) x 140mm Water Tank: 2 lt

Available in 290 or 330 variable speed models.

Weight 60.0 lb60.0 lb


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