Complete your arsenal of diamond tools. Shop vetted, high-quality brushes, polishing pads, resin sets, floating turbos, sanding discs, and more.


Learn advanced stone refinishing techniques from seasoned professionals, and master state-of-the-art tools. Join the MB Stone Pro stone restoration classes today.


Invest in formidable machines that bring your business significant returns. Shop devices and accessories that deliver optimum stone restoration performance.


Complete your arsenal of diamond tools. Shop vetted, high-quality brushes, polishing pads, resin sets, floating turbos, sanding discs, and more.


Learn advanced stone refinishing techniques from seasoned professionals, and master state-of-the-art tools. Join the MB Stone Pro stone restoration classes today.


Invest in formidable machines that bring your business significant returns. Shop devices and accessories that deliver optimum stone restoration performance.

Diamond Tools, Machines, and Training for Stone Restorators

MB Stone Pro equips you with the tools you need to deliver a beautiful, flawless finish. We provide professional natural stone restorations across the country with tools needed to outperform the competition. From machinery to cleaners to training programs, we supply your business with everything you need to generate exceptional results. Browse our catalog of products and services:

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High-Quality Stone Restoration Machines

Stone restoration companies need a set of high-quality tools to perform excellent stonework. Investing in high caliber equipment is a lucrative business move that can make or break your reputation as a business. To become the number one stone restorators in your area, choose stone restoration machines and accessories that give you a flawless final product and outperform your competitors. Our selection of powerful tools demonstrates superior quality, incredible durability, and high performance. Check out our range of machines and accessories that can help you bring your stone restoration business to a new level of success.

Stone Restoration Machines and Accessories


Hercules 650 Floor Grinder with DCS System and Variable Speed

The Hercules 650 Floor Grinder is a high performing floor machine with an innovative DCS System. It is the first grinder in the world that incorporates a DCS System and combines the features of two machines. You can use the Hercules in the counter-rotating modality, which makes for an excellent grinding and polishing machine that is highly suitable for marble, concrete, and natural stone floors. On the other hand, using the Hercules floor grinder with the DCS System modality turns this tool into an efficient industrial machine for floor preparation. You can use it for quick floor leveling of very uneven surfaces, aggregate exposure, as well as resin and glue removal. The Hercules machine features an auto-leveling planetary system and is quiet during the working process.

Klindex Roma

Hyper Grinder KR17 - Heavy Duty 2.5 HP Single Disc Machine

The 17-inch Hyper Grinder is a single-disc floor machine that comes in combination with a water tank, pad driver, and a nylon brush. Its approximate weight is 117 lbs, and it is very suitable for heavy-duty operations. The Hyper Grinder's design also incorporates a hydraulic handle that you can lock into any position. You can find these stone restoration machines with a 2.5, 3, and 4 HP motor. The set of accessories that comes with this machine can help solve any issue in a highly efficient manner. The Hyper Grinder is a game-changer when it comes to polishing machines in the USA. It is the strongest floor machine in the US market, and you can also use it for dry polishing techniques.


Mighty Midget 13 Inch Floor Machine

The Mighty Midget Mono Rotary Floor Machine comes with several attractive features, such as a dual pad driver, a water tank, and vinyl handle grips for extra comfort. It also comes with a 360-degree wrap-around bumper and telescopic lock handle for safety and ease of use. The high performing machine features a 1.5 HP Dual Capacitor motor and a 13-inch pad size. The Mighty Midget is the perfect tool for polishing stone floors and the ideal purchase for stone restoration businesses.


Hyper Grinder Hypervak 777

A dust extraction tool is a necessity for any stone restoration business. The Hyper Grinder Hypervak 777 is a powerful professional vacuum cleaner capable of eliminating copious amounts of fine dust promptly. It is perfect for dust removal caused by the dry sanding of natural stone, wood, or concrete floors. With a semi-automatic cleaning system that cleans the filter with counter-blowing and vibration, this tool is always efficient and running on maximum capacity.

The pre-separator cyclone aids this process by removing up to 95% of the collected dust and increases the filter's life span. The vacuum cleaner also features a Longopac TM system, which makes dust emptying a fast and easy chore. This powerful cleaner has a robust structure that allows for easy handling and maintenance. To make the vacuum more compact during transport, you can adjust the height to 53 inches. The Hypervak also has large wheels and wheels with brakes that make it easy to move around.


2 Motor Slurry Containment Vacuum With Drain

This product is an industrial vacuum made for the efficient collection and containment of sludge and debris. The machine features an SV-2000 Sump and a Slurry Filtration vacuum for the collecting of fine particles of debris while the filtered fluids return for reuse. With its virtually indestructive polyethylene tank, the vacuum provides incredible durability and low maintenance with its rust and corrosion resistant 24-gallon tank. The black-colored tank hides the wear and tear of the machine and helps you maintain a professional look on the job site.

The vacuum is highly versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is an ideal tool for the demanding industry of stone restoration, where you need to extract quantities of concrete slurry from polishing and grinding floor operations. These stone restoration machines can save you valuable time, money, and effort in any project where debris extraction or water is needed.


Alpha 15 Gal Hepa Wet/Dry Vacuum

The stainless steel canister vacuum is perfect for non-metallic areas made from plastic, wood, concrete, or any natural or engineered stones. This heavy-duty vacuum features a tank with a 15-gallon capacity and a HEPA filter that functions with a productivity rate of 99.97%. It is an excellent tool for wet or dry cleaning and comes with all of the cleaning accessories.


ISC Dry Conversion Filter Kit

You can use this filter kit for a quick wet to dry transformation. The ISC Dry Conversion Filter Kit helps you convert the SV-2000 to a dry filtration vacuum. The kit contains a HEPA Cartridge Filter and three Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bags.


This selection contains the ultimate stone restoration machines and accessories that can bring a new level of productivity to any professional stone restoration business. All of these machines and accessories feature premium quality, durability, versatility, and a professional, polished design that promotes your reputation. From floor machines to high power vacuums, these are the essentials that can benefit your company and increase your efficiency to maximum capacity.

Stone restoration is a highly demanding profession. It requires knowledge and expertise, but without high-quality equipment, your projects will last longer, require more physical effort, and cost you money in the long run. To excel in this industry, choose premium stone restoration machines and become the top business in your vicinity.


Diamond Tools for Stone Countertops

Overtime countertops made from stones like marble, granite, or quartz can lose their luster. Bathrooms and kitchens are highly frequented rooms, which means your stone countertops can suffer minor or major damages over the years. There is an excellent range of essentials that cover the cleanup and surface polishing of these surfaces. But when it comes to more serious wreckage that alters the condition of your countertop, you need a more thorough and detailed repair job. From small scratches to larger cracks, to repair these imperfections, you are going to need specialized equipment. The best equipment you can use to conduct these repairs efficiently with glowing results is diamond tools.

Diamond Tooling

The process of stone restoration requires high-quality diamond tooling executed by the highest standards. Since diamonds are among the hardest known materials on the planet, their abrasiveness is perfect for hard materials like stones. 

For this purpose, we have a selection of the best products on the market that serve for grinding and polishing stone countertops. Countertop care becomes easier with the use of these superior vetted tools.

1. Tenax Frankfurt Silicone Carbide Brush

Texas Frankfurt Silicone Carbide brushes can be used on soft stones such as marble and limestone, to name a few.  You should avoid using the brushes on granite and engineered stone.

Tenax Frankfurt Silicone Carbide Brush

2. HT Snail Lock Diamond Brushes

These 4 and 5 inch-sized brushed are very aggressive and perfect for removing the existing polish on your countertop. The snail-locked brushes have a lot of bristles and leave a different finish than the silicon carbide brushes. They are long-lasting tools that can help you achieve a textured look on stone surfaces. You can use them on a wide variety of stones, both natural and artificial. Concrete, marble, granite, serpentine, travertine, and limestone are all acceptable. You can use them with your existing tools, and they are available in grits ranging from 24-500. They are excellent diamond tools for achieving that much-desired antique appearance.

HT Snail Lock Diamond Brushes

3. MB Stone Ultra Resin Floor Pads

 When looking to refinish marble, limestone, or travertine floors, use premium resin formulated Ultra Resin Floor Pads.  Because they are molded in a starburst pattern, they allow greater flexibility in and out of lippage when used with risers.  As far as we are concerned, no existing diamond pads compare.  

MB Stone Ultra Resin Floor Pads

4. MB Stone Pro MB-20 Honeycomb Kit

 The kit consists of:

  • 4 Inch Honeycomb Set
  • 4 Inch Rigid Pad Driver
  • MB-20 (2.2 lb) - Granite polish 

The honeycomb copper resin pads do a fantastic job of polishing granite surfaces. They have a light copper shade and come in grit sizes from 50 to 3000 with the inclusion of a buff grit.

The rigid pad driver is an aluminum backer that features a 5/8-11 thread and a hook and loop face.

The MB-20 granite polish is a professional grade polisher. It contains a unique mix of abrasives and polishing agents, making it a breakthrough product in this market. You can use it on granite, serpentine, quartzite, and engineered stone. The fantastic trio of products that make up the Honeycomb kit is an excellent choice for professionals or homeowners that are skillful in polishing their countertops.

MB Stone Pro MB-20 Honeycomb Kit

5. 3'' Jumper Green Resin Set

 This diamond tool has raised segments that ensure its longer life span. You can create a beautiful polished finish with this product, and you can use it on concrete. The resin pads are suitable for both wet and dry use. The set includes the following grit sizes: 60, 120, 220, 400, 800, 1800, and 3500 grit. The achievement of a sleek finish is made easy with the high-quality Jumper Green Resin Set.

3'' Jumper Green Resin Set

6. MB Stone Ultra Turbo Diamond Pad

Ultra Turbo Diamond pads are perfect for doing light polishing on marble, limestone, and travertine. They are our Ultra Resins in 4'' and 5'' flexible hand pad form.  We consider these diamond pads the best quality resin pads on the market.

MB Stone Ultra Turbo Diamond Pad


These are the six most useful products when it comes to polishing and grinding stone-made countertops. The diamond impregnated tools provide excellent tool control, precision, and long tool life. They also require less physical labor, while you get the finish you desire. They are the perfect fit for businesses that offer stone restoration services or individuals that want to use them to polish stone surfaces in their homes. The vetted diamond tools abide by all the high standards in tool production. With them, you can restore your stone countertops or other stones surfaces to their original state with ease.


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