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Granite Black Honing Powder (1 LB)


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Granite Black Honing Powder (1 LB) - MB Stone Pro

Granite Honing Powder is made from black silicon carbide. It is designed to provide a uniform flat finish on honed surfaces. This is the perfect powder for medium to dark honed granite. It will produce a smooth, uniformed honed finish on the face of the granite. Honing powder is easy to work with and cleans up well.

Granite Black Honing Powder is available in Coarse (70 Grit). All powders are packed by weight and not by volume.


  1. Clean the surface, to be honed, from any debris, sand, and dirt.
  2. Protect surfaces that could be damaged by splatters with proper masking material.
  3. The surface to be honed must be stripped from any possible topical coating or crystallizer
  4. For COUNTERS, target area 2 – 3 sq ft and use ½ teaspoon of powder. Place powder in a circular pattern smaller than the pad and add enough water to make a heavy cream-like paste. Place a hog’s hair pad onto the product. Using a right-angle grinder/polisher, keep the speed at no more than 900 RPM (600 RPM is best) and apply as much pressure as the machine can take before slowing to a stop. Follow a consistent, pre-determined working pattern to ensure an even final result.
  5. For FLOORS, the target area of 10 – 12 sq ft and use 2 ozs of powder. Place powder in a circular pattern smaller than the pad. Position the floor machine with a hog’s hair on top of the powder, then release enough water from the machine tank to form a heavy cream-like paste. While working the honing powder on the floor, keep a consistent, pre-determined working pattern, as if you were honing with diamond pads, to ensure an even final result. The proper floor machine should weigh between 130 and 160 lbs. and spin at no more than 175 RPM.
  6. Keep the slurry wet by adding water when necessary. Add powder as needed.

Keep working the slurry on the stone surface until the desired result had been achieved. Rinse well and pick-up the water using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Weight 1.0 lb


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