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About MB Stone Professional

Dedicated to the Memory of Maurizio Bertoli who taught us Stone.

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MB Stone Professional gives you the tools you need to outperform your competition. Although we primarily cater to professionals, we are happy to help consumers with credible and honest information as well. We have been in the business since 1989 when Maurizio Bertoli founded the company. Maurizio was fondly addressed as “MB”. He was well known throughout the stone industry and was a force to be reckoned with, outspoken, passionate, overly honest, and loud, very loud! MB’s passion led him to develop products and out of the box techniques for our refinishing business and any professional that would listen. Believe me it was really hard not to listen! He never refused advice to anyone whether professionals or consumers. He would make the time to help both groups all over the world. Through personal phone calls, articles and public forums he was well known across the globe. He authored and published Natural Stone Maintenance and Restoration, an incredible detailed book on the practice and the art of stone restoration. MB was tragically taken in a fatal auto accident in August 2008.

My name is Stu Rosen. I worked for and was trained by MB. I had taken over the contracting business in 2004, as MB wanted to spend his time researching and developing products for professionals and consumers. After he passed, I helped Laura Bertoli (MB’s wife) run the business while still running our contracting business. Laura retired in June 2010, at which time I purchased MB Stone. We have really come full circle from our refinishing business (Stoneshine) to our consumer and stone care professional product lines. We still follow MB’s mantra, "Education Before Any Sale" and also practice his "system of no systems" which lets us work on stone based solely on the stones properties and characteristics. But more than anything else, he gave us a passion for stone refinishing and the products and tools that produce the best results.

Call our office. MB Stone Professional has a great team. We will make sure your products get to you quickly. We are well known for our customer service. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products for the professional craftsman. With credible information and advice, we aim to inspire and pass along the passion for our craft. We also continue to consistently test and add new products, discover new techniques, remain ever open-minded, and never preach a ”have to do this or that” mentality. Just come to one of our training classes. We teach you stone refinishing skills, not push our products on you. If we don’t carry or have in stock a product you might need, we will locate it for you. By listening and being fully engaged, we connect with our customers providing answers, help, and encouragement.

It’s not just a job, “It’s A Passion”.

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Mission Statement

MB Stone aims to create a culture of value, respect and passion that ensures unparalleled customer service, innovative products and education to preserve and maintain the beauty of stone.

Core Values

  • Be A Team, A Family
  • 5 Star Service
  • Education Before Any Sale
  • Knowledge
  • Integrity
  • Generosity

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