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5 Steps on How to Effectively Remove Granite Stains

Whether it is your granite countertop or your granite floors, it is unfortunate to find out that it has a stain or two. Stains look messy, and they can ruin the appearance of your home. If you find them, the first thing you should consider is how to get the stain out of granite. Before you can do anything, you will need to identify the stain. After that, there is a series of steps that you can follow to keep your granite surface polished and clean again. Types of Granite Stains Before you work on the granite stains, the first...

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Heavy-Duty Cleaning and Spot Treatment Tips for Your Countertop

A countertop is an integral part of your kitchen, and keeping it clean is vital. There are essential products for cleaning it depending on the countertop and the need for cleaning. MB-15 Stone Glow, MB-2 Heavy Duty, MB-9 Mold and Mildew, and MB-13 Stone Shine are some products you can use to give your countertop a polished look. Heavy-Duty Cleaning and Spot Treatment Tips for Your Countertop Countertops are an essential part of any modern-day kitchen. Although many countertop materials are stain-resistant or sealed, your kitchen can sometimes be messy. Blemishes may occur if you do not clean the stains...

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Are Granite Walls Great for Showers? - MB Stone Pro

Whether building your bathroom from scratch or simply updating the tile, one of the best things you can do is use granite for your shower walls. This stone has many advantages, including durability, natural beauty, and environmental benefits. Many homeowners have begun to choose granite as their material of choice for shower walls. This article will discuss granite tiles and slabs, the pros and cons of granite for the bathroom.  Advantages of Granite for Shower walls Check out these reasons below that explain why granite is an excellent option for shower walls.  Design Versatility  Granite comes in a variety of...

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Tips for Removing Cement and Dirt from Natural Stone Floors

Cement is very durable and has many uses. Unfortunately, the cement used to install new flooring or resurface an older one can sometimes be difficult to remove. The process can vary depending on the amount of cement you need to remove and the tools available to complete the job. Cleaning Cement from Natural Stone Floors If you are looking for ways to remove cement from your natural stone floor, follow these tips listed below:  Water First Aid One of the most effective ways for removing hardened cement is through water first-aid. All you need is some water and a brush...

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The Corian Countertop and How to Clean It - MB Stone Pro

One of the most popular countertops for homes is the "Corian countertop." Corian is a brand name. However, the same term is also used for any solid top containing polymer and natural minerals. The most notable thing about this type of countertop is the lower cost when compared to many other materials. Despite its low price, Corian is still a sturdy material for countertops and will last well, given proper care. It can represent a good investment for the more budget-conscious individual. Introducing Corian Countertops Corian surfaces are not heat resistant, and if you place a hot pan on them,...

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