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How To Clean Tough Dirt Off Natural Stones

As a homeowner, you want your house to look spotless. Every corner and surface has to be thoroughly cleaned and polished. However, there are stains and dirt that are just too difficult to remove. This can be extra frustrating if it is on a natural stone. Stone tiles, countertops, grout, and everything are so beautiful to look at, but maintaining that beauty is quite hard. Lucky for you because we are here to tell you what you can do to preserve that natural stone's beauty. What You Should and Should Not Do  First, you must figure out what type of...

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The Benefit of Using a pH-Neutral Cleaner

When choosing a commercial level cleaner, pH levels are not the first thing that would come to mind. However, it might be more important than you think. A pH-neutral cleaner is suitable for several things, but before that, let's understand why you should be using one in the first place. Not only that, we're going to talk about its benefits as well as a product that you should give a try if you're now just entering the world of pH-neutral cleaners or are looking for the right one for the job. After reading this article, you will definitely be switching...

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Tips for Removing Soap Scum from Your Granite Countertop

Obviously, you want to clean it and are looking at ways for removing soap scum, and you may be worried about using the wrong product.  Help is at hand MB3 Soap and Mineral Deposit Remover will clean it naturally and beautifully. Safely Cleaning a Stone Shower Wall You have chosen a safe and gentle product with a combination of nonacid chemicals to clean your shower walls and floor; fortunately, it is also safe on the shower glass. It will effortlessly remove the residual scum without any heavy scrubbing. To keep your shower beautiful, directions are provided on how to use...

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Can Epoxy be Used to Repair Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops can be a great addition to any kitchen. They are durable, easy to maintain, and look stunning. However, they're not indestructible! Sooner or later, you may find yourself in need of epoxy granite repair. Does that mean you can't have granite countertops? No, you only need to take care of it. This post explains how epoxy works and discusses the process for epoxying granite countertops. Can epoxy be used to repair granite countertops? If you have epoxy granite countertops, then you might be wondering if epoxy is strong enough to repair the stone. The answer is yes! The...

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How to Cover Minor Scratches with A Granite Color Kit

As a homeowner, learning to take care of your granite surfaces should be one of your priorities. You should be able to clean or maintain your granite surfaces effortlessly. Above all, you should also repair or cover minor scratches manually or use a granite color kit. Below are expert-recommended ways to effortlessly cover your minor scratches using a granite color kit. What You Will Need Warm water and soap Rag Epoxy compound Granite epoxy color kit. Step 1: Wash the Granite Surface Using a rag, wash the scratched surface using warm water and soap. Use pressure when cleaning your granite...

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