Stone Care Guides

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High-Quality Stone Restoration Machines

Stone restoration companies need a set of high-quality tools to perform excellent stonework. Investing in high caliber equipment is a lucrative business move that can make or break your reputation as a business. To become the number one stone restorators in your area, choose stone restoration machines and accessories that give you a flawless final product and outperform your competitors. Our selection of powerful tools demonstrates superior quality, incredible durability, and high performance. Check out our range of machines and accessories that can help you bring your stone restoration business to a new level of success. Stone Restoration Machines and...

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Diamond Tools for Stone Countertops

Overtime countertops made from stones like marble, granite, or quartz can lose their luster. Bathrooms and kitchens are highly frequented rooms, which means your stone countertops can suffer minor or major damages over the years. There is an excellent range of essentials that cover the cleanup and surface polishing of these surfaces. But when it comes to more serious wreckage that alters the condition of your countertop, you need a more thorough and detailed repair job. From small scratches to larger cracks, to repair these imperfections, you are going to need specialized equipment. The best equipment you can use to...

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Guidelines for Marble Shower Restoration (Part 1)

The following guidelines refer to “average” situations. This means there is no way to establish beforehand what the exact sequence of the various steps will be. It will depend on the type of stone, the contingency of the situation...

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Basic Guidelines for “Two-Step” Restoration Procedure of Marble Shower Stalls (Part 2)

Honing and Polishing of Marble Shower Stalls - The definition of marble makes reference to calcite- based stone that are traded as marble.

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Basic Guidelines for “Two-Step” Restoration Procedure of Marble Shower Stalls (Part 3)

The following guidelines are designed for serpentine and ophicalcite marbles (green marbles, Rosso Levanto, Verde Alpi, etc).

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