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Marble & Granite Cleaners for Professional

When looking for top-quality marble granite cleaners for professionals, you do not need to look any further. This is because we will mention some of the best ones here for your convenience, and then you will truly have the peace of mind that you will have the right product for the project you need to tackle. 1 MB Stone Pro Care Essentials Kit You will surely have the necessary elements you require when you get the MB Stone Pro Care Essentials Kit. This kit will allow you to perform heavy-duty cleaning as well as spot treatments whenever the need arises....

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How to Clean Marble Surfaces

Perhaps you are wondering about how to clean marble surfaces. If that is the case, you will find that this article is easy to understand with valuable insights that are beneficial if you implement them when you need to clean your various marble surfaces. 1 Choose a cleaner that is suitable for daily use. If you are the type of person who loves to clean all the time, you will want to use a product designed to be used on a regular daily basis when it comes to cleaning your various marble surfaces. Be mindful that you should never use...

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Basic Guidelines for Three-step Restoration Procedure for Polished Stone Floors (Part 1)

Read Part 2Read Part 3 Please note that these guidelines refer to "average" situations only. It implies that you cannot establish the precise sequence of different steps beforehand. The exact actions depend upon several factors, including stone and situational factors such as: The type of stone The make of the diamond pads The kind of machines available The severity of possible etches The depth of the scratch patterns Please always keep in mind that these guidelines are not rigid like stones because professionalism and experience are the most critical factors in a restoration procedure. Three-step Procedure: Grinding Marble Floors -...

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Basic Guidelines for Three-step Restoration Procedure for Polished Stone Floors (Part 2)

Read Part 1Read Part 3 2nd Step: Honing Resin-Bond Diamond Pads You can mainly use a 100/120 grit resin-bond honing diamond pad. But it depends on what scratch patterns the de-lippage tools have left behind. Sometimes 100 Grit may still leave heavy scratch patterns, and you may need a further de-lippage cut with 200 Grit before resin bond honing. Several factors will influence the outcome of honing. They include the type of machine used and its weight, work patterns of the grinding phase, and of course, the stone type. Hence, we suggest testing a small area before honing the whole...

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Machines and Equipment for Stone Restoration Contractors (Part 2)

READ PART 1 The machinery choice depends upon factors like the company size, type of work the company does, and financial status. For Beginners The beginners may start with a mono-rotary floor device that is engineered to perform stonework. It could be a good quality 110V 17-18 inch machine. However, you may prefer a more powerful motor. Such a fundamental piece of equipment will never become obsolete and can become your pervasive everyday work-horse irrespective of your company's size and growth. Is Planetary Accessory worth it?                Some specific machines also provide the possibility of attaching a planetary accessory. You may...

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