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Using Extreme Epoxy to Repair Stone

High Level of Efficiency When you need to repair stone, you can get the job done with a high level of efficiency when you use Fast Set Extreme Epoxy. This product is one hundred percent solid, so you don't have to worry about it being too runny. It has been developed to be knife-grade quality, which means that it can simply be applied with any knife you want to use.  Apply the epoxy in a smooth and carefree manner without any hassles. Also, the epoxy is so strong that it can withstand a knife cutting something directly on top of...

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Repairing Small and Medium Cracks Using GL 80 Epoxy

Low Viscosity for Powerful Depth GL 80 Epoxy is great to use when you need to repair cracks that range from small to medium in size. This product has a low viscosity in order to allow for a more powerful depth regarding the surface of natural stone when you have cracks that you need to repair. This product is eco-friendly due to the fact that it has no solvents in its formula at all. Also, this product is not chemically charged. As a result, you can enjoy using this product with the peace of mind that it is reactive at...

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How to Remove Residue and Film from Grouting

   Epoxy Residue Remover is a cleaner used to clean and remove residue and film from grouting surfaces. It's effective and cleans very fast. Grouting and film cause cloudiness to appear. This is not soap scum and occurs when the tiled surfaces aren't cleaned properly. These residues are synthetic residues like other stubborn residues such as paints. Grout and film are common in kitchens, workshops, and construction environments. Some factors need to be considered before removing grout or film. In this article, we will discuss how to remove them by using Epoxy Residue Remover. 1. Factors to Think Over Before...

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Diamond Pad for Grinding, Honing, and Polishing

As a stone restoration contractor, you know everything about diamond pads, right? But there might be some finer points you've missed. And when it comes to your trade, there's no such thing as too much education. Purchasing Equipment and Materials When it comes to purchasing the equipment and materials you need, you only really have three choices. The first choice is to blindly trust a salesperson or some fancy brochure to tell you what's what. The second choice is to rely on the testimonials of other contractors who are already using the equipment and materials you're looking for. Or you...

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Stone Gear and Restoration for Professionals

When you are a professional who does the restoration of natural stone to restore its elegance, luxury, and beauty for your customers, then you really do need to have top-quality stone gear. That is why we mention some of the best stone gear supplies to help you do terrific stone restoration every time.    1 Moisture Encounter Plus  The Moisture Encounter Plus is a wonderful top-quality meter masterfully designed to detect moisture for an overall inspection of a building without causing any invasive destruction to the building. You can be confident that this device will perform the detection, measurement, and...

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