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Marble & Granite Cleaners for Professional

When looking for top-quality marble granite cleaners for professionals, you do not need to look any further. This is because we will mention some of the best ones here for your convenience, and then you will truly have the peace of mind that you will have the right product for the project you need to tackle. 1 MB Stone Pro Care Essentials Kit You will surely have the necessary elements you require when you get the MB Stone Pro Care Essentials Kit. This kit will allow you to perform heavy-duty cleaning as well as spot treatments whenever the need arises....

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Industry-leading Stone Restoration Powders and Paste

Stone restoration is a highly-skilled job that can be ruined very easily by the wrong products or an inexperienced tradesman. Most companies offer this service using too harsh abrasives and acids, which tend to destroy your stone. To repair and restore stone, you require professional-grade restoration products that are effective and have minimal effect on the stone. Fortunately, MB Stone Pro's range of restoration powders and paste can help you with that. They are trustworthy and from a highly-reputable brand. Below are some of the best stone restoration powders and paste. Porcelain Restoration Cream Porcelain restoration cream is particularly designed...

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Stone Restoration Chemical Supplies

  Over time, stone surfaces in your home might lose their luster due to general wear and tear. When that happens, you can use trustworthy products to restore the beauty and shine of your stones. To improve the interior or exterior masonry in your house, you will need high-quality chemical supplies to do stone restoration work. These chemical supplies can help you refine scratches, remove stains, or seal stone surfaces. You can find the best stone restoration chemical supplies at MB Stone Pro. We only carry the industry-best brands and vetted chemicals that are user-friendly and efficient. From cleaners to...

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Basic Guidelines for “Two-Step” Restoration Procedure of Marble Shower Stalls (Part 2)

Honing and Polishing of Marble Shower Stalls - The definition of marble makes reference to calcite- based stone that are traded as marble.