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Mar 24, 2014/Stone Care Guides

Countertop or Stain Magnet?

Sometimes it seems that all day long we are plagued by questions regarding counter top stains. As the workhorse of both the kitchen and the bathroom, the counter top takes the brunt of most household tasks and sometimes has the stains to prove it. How to get rid of those stains depends on the type of stain and the type of material that the countertop is made of.

Counter top rust stains are a common household problem and should be treated with care. TeRust rust remover powder is the trusted compound that we rely on here at MB Stone Care for removing rust stains from various counter tops. Granite, marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo and even sanded grout can be safely cleaned with TeRust.

Stains that include oil, grease, wine, coffee or tea can be effectively removed with the TeClean Poultice Powder. By reversing the stain process, TeClean literally draws the stain out of a variety of stones including brick, terrazzo, concrete and granite.

In rare cases, certain stones are susceptible to "blue blossom" though its cause is not known. TeBlossom is an effective kit in removing this blue-green stain. Pulling the blossom from the stone is a two-step process that works on these certain types of stone. Professionals all over the nation turn to MB Stone Care for more of the most effective stone care and stone restoration products on the market today. Our knowledgeable and professional staff strives to provide the best service and products available in the friendly yet quick manner that has come to be expected by our clientele. Experience the MB Stone Care Pro difference today.

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