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Apr 26, 2021/How To's

How to Clean Marble Surfaces

How to clean marble surfaces - MB Stone Pro

Perhaps you are wondering about how to clean marble surfaces. If that is the case, you will find that this article is easy to understand with valuable insights that are beneficial if you implement them when you need to clean your various marble surfaces.

1 Choose a cleaner that is suitable for daily use.

If you are the type of person who loves to clean all the time, you will want to use a product designed to be used on a regular daily basis when it comes to cleaning your various marble surfaces. Be mindful that you should never use any type of cleaner on marble on a regular daily basis that should only be used in severe cases of grime. Thus, if you use cleaners on marble that are not created for daily usage, the reality is that this could cause harm to your marble surfaces. But when you are careful to use multi-surface cleaners that can be used daily, then your marble surfaces will be in good shape, as you will surely have marble surfaces that are clean the way you desire them to be without any damage along the way.

2 Choose a cleaner with a neutral pH level.

When you desire to clean your marble surfaces, it is always best to use a multi-surface cleaner that has a neutral pH level. As a result of using a cleaner that has a neutral pH level, this will ensure that your marble surface will not be too harshly exposed to strong chemicals. Some chemicals could damage your marble if they are used too frequently when the pH level of the cleaner is not neutral. This is why a neutral pH level is the best solution when you need to clean your marble often.

3 Choose a cleaner that will clean quickly.

When you are the kind of person who wants a job done well and in the least amount of time possible, you should choose a great cleaner for multi surfaces and that is safe on marble. This is due to the fact that such types of multi-surface cleaners usually will do a great job in regard to the cleaning of marble in a quick amount of time. Thus, this will cut down on the process of caring for your marble surfaces. This will prevent the frustration that can occur when cleaning is otherwise laborious and lengthy.

4 Remove soiling and soap buildup.

When you need to do heavy-duty cleaning, such as when you notice a lot of soiling on your marble surfaces and a lot of nasty soap buildup, you should consider the right kind of cleaner for soap buildup and heavy soiling. It is vital to remember that not all marble cleaners handle heavy-duty cleaning. For example, a cleaner that is designed for daily usage is not the right one for the heavy soiling and the heavy soap buildup on various marble surfaces in your home. You should use a cleaner that addresses heavy soiling on marble and heavy soap buildup as well. Then after that, you should proceed to clean the rest of the marble with the regular type of marble cleaner you had planned on using, such as a good one that is created to work effectively for daily usage.

5 Seal the marble.

You should use a protective sealer on your marble at least once a month. This is based on the fact that the marble is porous. Therefore, the reality is that marble can become damaged if it is not sealed correctly. But when you are careful to use a product to seal your marble surfaces monthly, this will prolong your marble surfaces' gorgeous look and quality. This will make the regular cleaning of the marble much more effective and quicker, as you will not have to deal with stains that have penetrated the pores of the marble when it is properly sealed.


You will have a terrific outcome when you use MB-5 Stone Multi-Surface Cleaner. It is designed to be effective for daily usage. It will not face your marble surfaces. It will make them look clean and well cared for.

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