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Jul 01, 2014/General Stone Care

Important Stone Care Products and Tools for Your Project

Maybe everyone doesn't need stone supplies, but stone care products and tools are important to people who work with stone regularly. To clean, preserve and restore stone requires a variety of these products and tools. As with any project, having the right tool for the job will make the project go smoother and make the finished product look much better in the end.

Stone Care Products

Among the plethora of stone care products available, there are a few general types that you should be familiar with. First, of course, are the cleaners, which come in a few different varieties. Next come polishes, which are available as powders or pastes. There are sealers and enhancers, including color enhancers, to put the finishing touches on stone restoration. For damaged stone, there are adhesives and fillers that can make it look like new. All of these products are available on the MB Stone Pro website

Stone Care Tools

Any "must have" list of stone care tools begins with the grinder or polisher machines. These are available as both hand and floor machines, and they use circular pads to grind and smooth stone. There are many pads to choose from, including sandpaper pads, resin pads, and even pads impregnated with diamonds. Each pad has its own specific use. Some other tools you might want to add to your collection of stone care products and tools would include brushes, bottles and ColorClad accessories like mixing paddles and digital scales. Having a good selection of tools will make your stone finishing jobs go more smoothly and save you from having to make unscheduled trips to get more tools and supplies in the middle of the job.

What's in a Brand?

In any industry, there are some brands that stand out above the others. This is also true of dealing with stone supplies. Sticking with the better brands gives you a significantly better chance of having a finished product that you will be happy with. Some of the best brands in stone care that we carry here at MB Stone Pro include MB Stone, Klindex, Tenax, ColorClad, Makita, Touchstone, Carlisle, Rosex and more.

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