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Jul 14, 2015/Stone Care Guides

The Benefits Of Coming To MB Stone Original Restoration Class

As someone interested in getting into the floor restoration industry or as a company owner or manager with new hires, taking training courses offered by professionals in the industry is always your best option.

Traditionally, in the floor restoration business people learned how to do restorations on the job. This meant that a new hire without experience would work with trained floor restoration technicians before taking on a project on their own. Not only is this not cost effective for the company, but it also may not be the best source of passing down information.

To fully prepare new employees and to get up to date on the latest in natural stone flooring restoration processes, products, and technology, plan to attend our Stone Restoration Class. This isn’t your typical training program as it goes beyond the basics and you definitely won’t be bored!

Our Advantage

The training we offer at MB Stone is recognized as some of the most professional training available. Maurizio Bertoli, who is one of the best in the business, trained our stone restoration instructor Stu Rosen. Therefore our training is based on the best possible practices including all the latest products, supplies, and equipment.

Unlike some classes, we limit the total size of each class to no more than ten participants. This ensures that you get the personalized attention in class and will really understand both the theory, as well as the practical application of the techniques we teach.

The Perks

Besides just the knowledge and hands-on training you receive, we have some other perks built into this four day intensive training. We provide lunch for you daily and our instructors are always ready to provide additional time for you after the classes end for the day.

You will have the chance to try out our products and equipment during our stone restoration class. This is a real working experience, and anyone attending can feel secure in going back to their company or business and working on the natural stone flooring with confidence.

We also have a handy guide available to all participants, and you can also purchase additional copies for co-workers. This guide is a comprehensive look at all aspects of working with stone; from the theory to really understanding each stone and to the approach and best technique for every job.

Plan on attending our stone restoration class for your next professional development and training date. This is a valuable course that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to make it in the industry.

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