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Sep 21, 2015/Stone Care Guides

The Line Of Klindex Products For Natural Stone

There are just some brands and certain product lines that are uniquely associated with professional and quality natural stone installation and maintenance. This is certainly the case with Klindex products. They are industry leaders for machinery, accessories and cleaning products.


We offer a wide range of different machines and flooring products by Klindex. Their products are some of our most popular options. For polishing, grinding and honing Klindex machines are ideal to use with our MB line of polishing compounds as they come in different sizes and options for any professional flooring service.

The company offers both small and large machines and accessories, allowing each flooring company to choose the size that works for their needs. With standard sized equipment, it’s perfect for residential types of installation and maintenance needs. They also have commercial-sized machines that are ideal for large buildings and areas.


One of the unique aspects of the accessories offered by Klindex products is their color-coded system for products. This allows the technician to quickly choose the right pad or polishing products based on the color. Bright red is a wet application-cleaning pad, green is for stripping wet linoleum or rubber and gray is for hard polish that works very well with marble and natural stone polishing products.

The company offers several different series of diamond tools, which are also color-coded for easy identification. Within each series, there is different tooling available as well as specific design for different applications and uses. There are even specialized brushes, like the antique brushes, which are designed to give a naturally weathered and antique look to all types of natural stone.

Of course, along with pads, Klindex products also include a range of different replacement heads, including planetary heads, which can extend the functions on their machines. Other accessories include additional water tanks, vacuum hoods and weights, all which are designed to work on the applicable Klindex floor polishing and preparation machines.

As Klindex products are sold around the world, and are recognized as some of the best in the industry, they are a solid investment for any natural stone company. Klindex machines are our line of choice and we have years of experience in showing just how effective this line of equipment is in daily use in real world applications.

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