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Tips for Laminating Your Stone Countertop - MB Stone Pro

laminating countertop

How to Laminate Your Stone Countertop

  1. Clean your stone countertop using a neutral stone cleaner. Nothing abrasive should be used on the surface. Neutral stone cleaners are designed to clean the hard porous surfaces as they penetrate deeply and lift out the dirt. Once the area is thoroughly cleaned, you can move on to the task of laminating your countertop. The laminate will be installed over the existing countertop following proper preparation.
  1. This is a specially researched product made to laminate stone countertops. It is important to do it carefully or get a trained professional to do the laminating for you.
  1. Cut out your laminate pieces to fit the countertop, adding one inch on all sides.
  1. Using the Glacier 1/2 Pint Color Kit. It includes:
  • Color for mixing
  • Laminating adhesive
  • Seaming adhesive
  • Rodding adhesive
  • Outdoor kitchen fabrication
  • Interior and exterior seams and lamination

Some of the Benefits to Using this Kit

  • Easy to mix
  • Colorless
  • UV stable
  • Can't shrink
  • Can be tinted
  • Non-staining
  • Can be polished
  1. Brush the glue onto the countertop and allow it to dry a bit. Then it will bond with the laminate pieces, keeping the area cool for 24 hours.  Once you lay the laminate on top of the glue, you need to use a rolling pin to roll over the laminate and get out the air bubbles. The overhang is not really necessary, but it allows for the laminate to fit exactly. But if you are worried about achieving this, make the piece bigger and use a router to cut off the overhanging bit.
  1. You can use Dowel rods to make sure that the laminate is a good fit. Position the Dowel rods from the front to the back, making sure that they span the entire length of the countertop. Then set the laminate down on the Dowel rods. When the laminate is correctly positioned, pull out the rods, and roll the laminate into place. before use
  1. For the first few hours, weigh the laminate down to ensure that it bonds properly and prevents further air bubbles from forming.

Laminating Countertop

Once you order the product from MB Stone Pro, they will get it to you quickly, as their customer service is excellent. They can also teach you stone refinishing skills, and they are constantly adding new products to their list. 

They want you to have a good experience in laminating countertops, and if you live near, you can attend a class before undertaking the task yourself. Classes are available for 10-12 people, and these classes allow you to get hands-on interactive training opportunities. You need to book because the classes fill up quickly. If you cannot attend, purchase the Natural Stone Maintenance and Restoration Guide instead, which will walk you through the process.

The Right Tools and Products

The process is nonhazardous and uses a standard caulk gun to complete the procedure. You probably have one at home.

When you are undertaking a project like this, the right tools for laminating your countertop are very important, as are the right products.

If you are cleaning your stone prior to laminating countertops, you may notice a build-up of soap scum, a mineral deposit that forms from soaps.

MB3 Soap and Mineral Deposit Remover will clean it naturally and beautifully and is a safe and gentle product. If you are undertaking your project in the bathroom, you will need to do this before you start, as it removes the residual scum without heavy scrubbing. 


Once you have completed laminating your countertop, allow 24 hours for drying before use. Once the process is finished, it has a long shelf-life and can be polished and buffed up. When completed, it will look simply beautiful, like new again, and you will be surprised at how affordable it is.

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