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Nov 29, 2021/Stone Care Guides

Heavy-Duty Cleaning and Spot Treatment Tips for Your Countertop

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A countertop is an integral part of your kitchen, and keeping it clean is vital. There are essential products for cleaning it depending on the countertop and the need for cleaning. MB-15 Stone Glow, MB-2 Heavy Duty, MB-9 Mold and Mildew, and MB-13 Stone Shine are some products you can use to give your countertop a polished look.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning and Spot Treatment Tips for Your Countertop

Countertops are an essential part of any modern-day kitchen. Although many countertop materials are stain-resistant or sealed, your kitchen can sometimes be messy. Blemishes may occur if you do not clean the stains or if you did not seal the surface on schedule. The accumulation of these stains may cause an odor and make your countertop unsightly.

Keeping your countertop clean ensures it lasts longer and is appealing. Cleaning the countertops can be demanding. Depending on how stained your countertop is, it may take you some time and effort to clean it. However, there are several spot treatments that you can use on your countertop to give it a polished look or reduce the appearance of daily imperfections.

Tools Necessary for Heavy-Duty cleaning and Spot treatment countertops

Countertops are made from a range of materials with different strengths, textures, and degrees of brittleness. However, these materials have several common properties. They are all non-porous, sealed, or stain resistant. It ensures that they are durable, can easily be cleaned, and do not allow the water to seep in.

However, the countertop cleaning task can be demanding depending on the material used in making the countertop or how much stained the countertop is. You can clean some in a matter of minutes, while others may take some time.

Regardless of stains or the size of the countertop, the cleaning material you use can also determine how much of a job you have. To be effective, you need to have cleaning tools that have the properties to remove or treat the spots from your countertop with relative ease at your disposal. Below are some of these tools and their use cases.

For the Most Demanding Clean Job

In your kitchen, you deal with many oily items. Therefore, your countertop may have cooking oil, cheese, butter, and any other oily stain. The oily stains stick and, depending on the time you take before cleaning the countertop, may even accumulate. Efforts to remove them with ordinary determents may prove futile.

Alkaline cleaners are the best in removing sticky stains. They contain sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, trisodium phosphate, and sodium metasilicate. These break up the oils, making their removal process easier. Soak it in an alkaline cleaner like MB-2 Heavy Duty cleaner overnight for a tough stain. One advantage of alkaline-based cleaners is they can be used for cleaning tiles, natural stones, and tiles. So, use alkaline-based cleaners for all your demanding cleaning and de-greasing jobs.

Removing Mildew Stains and Odor

The accumulation of the stains on the countertop can cause an unpleasant smell. Molds and Mildew also can form on top of your countertop. The good thing is, you can remove all of them using a gel-like formula. The gel clings onto your countertop to deeply penetrate the stains.

Its application is relatively easy. You have to spray it on the countertop, and the mildew stains and mold will start disappearing- no need to scrub.

After every application, ensure that you rinse the countertop with water thoroughly. MB-9 Mold and Mildew is one such formula. You can apply it on surfaces like grout, vertical stones, and tiles.

Polishing Countertops for A Smooth Shield

Cleaning your countertop regularly can destroy its shine. Depending on the degree of your countertop's damage, you may need to hire a professional to refinish your countertop. Professional countertop cleaning can be expensive in the long run. Therefore, you need a mechanism to clean and maintain their shine yourself.

Luckily, there are many finishing products out there like MB-13 Stone Shine. They are cheap compared to the routine hiring of a professional cleaner. These finishing products help you save some dollars while also ensuring that your countertops are polished. It protects them against smudges and fingermarks.

Hard Surfaces with A Honed or Polished Finish

Does your countertop have a hard polished or honed finish? pH neutral cleaners are used to clean virtually all surfaces as they do not react with them. Regardless of your countertop material, you can use a pH-neutral cleaner to ensure that it has a glowing or polished look.

MB-15 Stone Glow is one such solution. You can use it on ceramics, wood glass, porcelain, and virtually any natural stone. One advantage of this cleaner is that it dries fast and has the optical brightness that enhances your countertop's surface finish.


Many activities go on in the kitchen, like preparing and serving food. Many of these activities are done on the countertop, meaning they will get dirty occasionally. Ensuring a countertop is clean ensures it lasts longer.

There are many spot treatment countertop products out there. However, you have to know which one to use where, as some may react with your countertop. At MB Stone Pro, we specialize in countertop cleaning and have a range of products you can select from. Live healthily, give the countertop a flesh and polished look, and the germs will have nowhere to hide.

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