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How to Remove Floor Wax

removing floor wax

Waxing your floor is a vital part of home care and maintenance. However, if you leave it on too long, wax discovers the floor and leaves a thick yellowish buildup. To keep your floor in the best shape constantly, you must strip and rewax your floors periodically. 

You can use the common machine method to remove your floor wax. However, if that is not your ideal option, opt for a liquid solution. Below are expert-recommended ways of removing floor wax. 

Method 1: Chemical Solutions

An industrial floor wax remover is the fastest and efficient way to dissolve and remove wax from floors. These chemical products are primarily sold in convenient spray-bottle form and work on different types of flooring types.

For example, most chemical solutions, the AX-IT Plus Floor Stripper, come with pre-labeled instructions that you should follow carefully. Each product has specific instructions and unique active ingredients.

1.  Clean the surface

Once you have chosen the best floor stripper, clear the affected area of any furniture or obstacles. Sweep and inspect the tiles. Also, ensure nothing is stuck on the floor, such as gum or stickers 

2.  Dilute the product

Each product (floor stripper) comes with unique instructions on proper levels of dilution. Once you have mixed the stripper successfully, you want to test on a small surface that is not visible to check the solution's strength. If it discolors or bleeds your floor, the solution is too strong, or you are using the wrong stripper type.

3.  Apply stripper

Pour the floor stripper into a bucket/container and start applying it to the surface by floor mopping. Do not let the floor stripper dry on the tile. Therefore, once you finish mopping the surface, allow the stripper to stay in for 5-10 minutes.

4.  Scrub the floor

Proceed to scrub off the old wax off the floor. You can do this manually or using an electric floor scrubber. Ensure you take your time in areas such as corners that receive less traffic and have more wax buildup. During this process, you will notice the area starting to appear duller.

5.  Discard the remaining wax

Use a floor squeegee to remove the floor wax. Then, use a dry/wet vacuum to suck up any residual wax and dry up the floor. 

6.  Rinse

Once you have stripped the floor, rinse the floor using a neutralizer to guarantee the complete removal of residual stripper or wax. Once again, use the dry/wet vac to dry the water. Rinse your floor twice and use the vacuum to dry the solution completely. This is a vital process since any residual floor stripper will result in the wax peeling off when reapplied.

7.  Completion test

Before rewaxing, ensure you perform a test to ascertain that you have removed all residual stripper and wax. There are two ways to go about this. 

  • Place a dark-colored towel on the floor before allowing it to dry. If you notice any white residue on the surface, it means your stripper has not removed all the wax. As such, you may need to repeat the process
  • Alternatively, allow the floor to dry. Pass a putty knife over the flooring. If you notice any wax on it, you may need to repeat the entire process.

Method 2: Homemade Vinegar Solution

Mix 1 cup of cream of tartar, 1 cup of white vinegar, and a gallon of hot water in a bucket or container. Using a mop, apply the solution to the floor and allow it to sit in for a few minutes or until the wax softens.

Using a scrub brush, scrub the surface in a circular motion. You can also remove the wax using an ultra-fine steel wool pad.

Finally, use clean water to mop and rinse the solution off the floor.

Method 3: Homemade Ammonia Method

Mix 1 cup of laundry detergent, one ammonia cup, and a gallon of warm water in a bucket or container. Mop your floor thoroughly to saturate it. Let the solution sit in to dissolve the wax effectively.

Using an ultra-fine steel wood pad or stiff brush, scrub the floor in a circular motion to remove the wax. Upon completion, mop the floor to remove any cleaning solution residue.

Bottom Line

The above three are the recommended options to remove your floor wax. However, experts advise using a commercial floor stripper since it is faster and more effective than other methods. When dealing with such solutions, safety is ultimately essential to avoid contamination.

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