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Jun 25, 2021/Stone Care Guides

Repairing Small and Medium Cracks Using GL 80 Epoxy

Repairing Small and Medium Cracks Using GL 80 Epoxy

Low Viscosity for Powerful Depth

GL 80 Epoxy is great to use when you need to repair cracks that range from small to medium in size. This product has a low viscosity in order to allow for a more powerful depth regarding the surface of natural stone when you have cracks that you need to repair. This product is eco-friendly due to the fact that it has no solvents in its formula at all. Also, this product is not chemically charged. As a result, you can enjoy using this product with the peace of mind that it is reactive at a rate of one hundred percent. This type of epoxy will harden at room temperature.

High Level of Versatility 

This product demonstrates a high level of versatility. This is because if you have noticed small to medium-sized cracks formed in your marble, you can use this outstanding product to do top-quality epoxy repair with real efficacy. This product is also an excellent choice when you want to repair unsightly cracks in granite and other types of stone that are natural.

Mixing Ratio

When you are mixing this epoxy, you need to mix part A, which is the resin, in the amount of 100 g, with part B, which is the hardener, in the amount of 44 g. You can count on getting coverage of a range of 10 to 15 sq, m/l. You need to be sure to mix the two parts of this epoxy product in conformity with the instructions regarding the designated ratio for mixing. Once the product has been mixed well, you are then ready to apply the product to a dry and clean surface. The surface does not require any specialized treatment prior to doing an epoxy repair.

When Repairing A Floor

If you would like to use this epoxy to repair a floor, the floor should have undergone the process of honing with the usage of 50 as well as 200 grits. You can use a roller, brush, or spatula to apply this product to the floor. The product should be applied to the complete area in a manner that is uniform. Be mindful that you should permit fifteen hours for the epoxy to harden appropriately prior to doing the last process of honing that should be done with 400 and 800 grits and prior to doing any polishing of the floor via the usage of powder.

Direct Application and Color Enhancement

In such a case that the splits tend to be small and isolated, you can place the epoxy directly on top of the split. Let the epoxy harden appropriately, and then you can remove the excess epoxy and do a full re-polishing of the surface. This epoxy provides an enhancement regarding the color of the stone. This product requires 10 to 15 hours to harden. Do note that the full catalyst effect requires 10 to 15 days.

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