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GL 80 Epoxy (A+B) is a low viscosity epoxy with a deep power of penetration into the surface of the stone. Not chemically charged and solvent free; therefore, it is 100% reactive. The product hardens by room temperature. Can be used on Marble, Granite, and any natural stone.

Mixing Ratio: GL Epoxy 80/A (Resin) 100 g GL Epoxy 80/B ( Hardener) 44 g Coverage: 10-15 Sq m/l

Directions: Mix the two components carefully, according to the recommended mixing ratio. Apply the product well mixed, on a clean, dry surface, without any treatment. Apply the product on a floor that has been honed with 50 and 200 grit, using a spatula, brush or a roller. Be sure to apply a uniform coat of product on the entire area. Allow to harden for 15 hours before proceeding to the final phase of honing with 400 and 800 grits and before polishing with powder. For small isolated splits, apply the product on the split, wait for the product to harden, and proceed manually by removing the excess up to a complete re-polishing of the area. This product enhances the color of the material and has water and oil repellent performances. Hardening Time: 10/15 hours Complete Catalysis: 10/15 days

WARNING: GL 80 Epoxy A: Irritation to eyes and skin. May cause sensitization by skin contact. Toxic to aquatic organisms.

GL 80 Epoxy B: Harmful if swallowed or contacts skin. Causes burns. May cause sensitization by skin contact. Toxic to aquatic organisms.

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