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Oct 25, 2021/Stone Care Guides

The Corian Countertop and How to Clean It - MB Stone Pro

corian countertops

One of the most popular countertops for homes is the "Corian countertop." Corian is a brand name. However, the same term is also used for any solid top containing polymer and natural minerals. The most notable thing about this type of countertop is the lower cost when compared to many other materials.

Despite its low price, Corian is still a sturdy material for countertops and will last well, given proper care. It can represent a good investment for the more budget-conscious individual.

Introducing Corian Countertops

Corian surfaces are not heat resistant, and if you place a hot pan on them, damage will occur, at the very least discoloration. In the 1980s, Corian represented a step forward from laminate surfaces, then popular, and has kept certain core popularity but has never become as popular as quartz and other modern surfaces.

Corian is a tough material that is made from 1/3rd acrylic resin, added to 2/3rds natural minerals. With added colorants as well. The product was the first solid surface material to be launched back in 1971. Dupont designed the material and, at first, only offered one color. The same product today is available in over 100 tints and shades. 

Cleaning Corian Countertops

Corian countertops are resistant to scratches, stains, and knocks. Maintaining this type of countertop is a simple process. However, maintaining its pristine condition will require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Things to avoid with Corian worktops: 

  • Placing hot pans on the surface. It is important to use heat pads to protect the Corian.
  • Make use of cutting boards or blocks to avoid scratching or cutting the surface.
  • Avoid spilling strong oven cleaners, paint strippers, and chemicals onto the surface.

Daily Cleaning Routine for Corian countertops

You should use a microfiber cloth to clean your Corian work surface using water and mild soap. Once washed, you should wipe the surface dry. If an area is particularly stained, it is ok to use a mild abrasive liquid cleaner. 

GT-1 Green Thing Multi-Surface Cleaner is perfectly safe to use on Corian surfaces. It's also great for mirrors, windows, and high shine metal fixtures. 

In the case of a matte finish countertop, another cleaning tip is to use a blend of water and bicarbonate of soda. This can be very effective.

Removing Stains from Corian Surfaces

Corian is highly resistant to stains, but sometimes stains can be a problem. In the case of an obstinate stain, there are some solutions to try:

  • Spray lemon juice or vinegar on the stain and leave it on the surface for a few minutes before wiping away and drying the surface.
  • Using a circular motion, rub the stain with a solution comprising vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Rinse it away with clean water.
  • Rub the stain with a wet cloth and a powder scrubbing powder. Wash away afterward.
  • Dilute some bleach in water, ensure that it is at least 50% water, and rub in a circular motion using a cloth. If the stain is very severe, it can be left on the stain for a maximum of 16 hours.
  • Sometimes, hard water stains can be an issue. To resolve, use a descaling product or spirit vinegar mixed with water.
  • In severe cases, some professionals will come and polish out the stain while the top is in situ.

Repairing Scratches on a Corian Worktop

Scratches may appear over the life of the work surface; however hard you try to avoid them. To get rid of scratches, use a mildly abrasive liquid cleaning solution and rub it in using a circular motion while applying medium pressure. Wash off the solution and then dry the surface. Repeat until the stain scratches are no longer visible.

It is also possible to employ professionals who will come to your premises and renovate your scratched Corian countertop.

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