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Apr 26, 2021/Product Guides

Marble & Granite Cleaners for Professional

When looking for top-quality marble granite cleaners for professionals, you do not need to look any further. This is because we will mention some of the best ones here for your convenience, and then you will truly have the peace of mind that you will have the right product for the project you need to tackle.

MB Stone Pro Care essentials Kit

1 MB Stone Pro Care Essentials Kit

You will surely have the necessary elements you require when you get the MB Stone Pro Care Essentials Kit. This kit will allow you to perform heavy-duty cleaning as well as spot treatments whenever the need arises. You will like the MB-2 Alkaline H/D Cleaner that comes as part of this fantastic kit, as it can tackle heavy-duty cleaning with real prowess and is an excellent degreaser for those tough jobs in regard to grout, tiles as well as all types of natural stones. Then you will be impressed with the gel-type of formula of MB-9 Mold & Mildew that is also part of this powerful kit, as it will be able to provide an efficient removal of odors and stains that result from mildew as soon as the solution comes in contact with the problem areas without the need for the application of any scrubbing effort.

MB Stone Care MB-2 Alkaline HD Heavy Duty Cleaner

2 MB Stone Care MB-2 Alkaline HD Heavy Duty Cleaner

When you have a demanding cleaning job that needs to be done regarding natural stones, grout, or tiles, you can surely count on MB Stone Care MB-2 Alkaline HD Heavy Duty Cleaner to get the job done with real efficiency that is undeniably impressive. This product is designed with a high level of concentration to produce the kind of deep clean for the soiling of natural stones, tiles, and grout that you desire. The most advanced technology is applied to make the cleaning of grout as well as various treated surfaces easy and complete. The good news is that you can access this product in a case of twelve gallons or a case of four gallons. The choice is yours. If you have a situation of light soiling, you simply need to mix in one gallon of water three fl ounces of this product. For conditions of soiling that are medium, then you will add to one gallon of water six fl ounces of this product. If the soiling is noted as being heavy, you will add eight fl ounces of this product in one gallon of water.

AX-IT Aerosol Baseboard Cleaner-Stripper

3 AX-IT Aerosol Baseboard Cleaner/Stripper

When you need a productive method to remove grimy soiling and the tough buildup of the baseboards' surface, you will find the right solution for the problem when you use AX-IT Aerosol Baseboard Cleaner/Stripper. When there is a need for superior strength regarding your cleaning efforts, then this product will really do the job for you, and you will be pleased that it will save you so much regarding time and labor. This product is great for terrazzo, quarry, and various hard tiles. It is applicable to use with mopping gear as well as floor machines. It is ideal to apply to cove areas. It does amazingly well to make baseboards pristine. This product can safely be used on various types of resilient tiles. 

Moreover, it will do a terrific job to clean the stairs. It is so simple to use. All you have to do is to point the product and spray the area. This product produces wonderful results without the need to rinse. There is no use of harsh caustics. Furthermore, the scent of this product is pleasant, which means that it is ideal to use for your various cleaning jobs.

MB Stone Care MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Cleaner

4 MB Stone Care MB-5 Stone & More Multi-Surface Cleaner

When you want marble to be cleaned quickly, you will appreciate combining the various elements that offer a pH-neutral effect in MB Stone Care MB-5 Stone & Moore Multi-Surface Cleaner. You will also see right away how well it cleans mirrors, glass, ceramic, porcelain, Corian, granite, and many types of hard surfaces. Furthermore, many people have found that it is a wonderful product to use on kitchen fixtures as well as bath fixtures. When you want a product that is considered safe for usage daily, this is most assuredly the product you should select. Do be mindful that this product is not intended to remove soap buildup that is quite heavy or areas with large amounts of soiling. You can opt to choose this product in cases of twelve quarts, or you also have the option to select cases of four gallons. Please note that the sprayers do not come with the quantities that you select by the case. If you select the gallon size or the quart size, each size is ready to apply immediately for the job that you need to get done.

MB Stone Care MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish

5 MB Stone Care MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish

When you want a product that can penetrate stone surfaces well, you will surely not be disappointed when you use MB Stone Care MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish. This product will really enhance the end result of your stone surface overall. It provides a high level of impressive protection, and it smooths the surface with real perfection. When you use this product, you will find that it truly elevates the beauty of your polished stone surfaces. The shine that it adds is sensational.

Moreover, you will be amazed by how well this product provides a high level of protection that repels water with real prowess. Also, it greatly aids in the reduction of finger marks as well as simplifies the overall cleaning of your natural stone surfaces. If you happen to have a surface that seems a bit worn down, the surface can look beautifully new again when you apply this product.

With these well-made products, you will truly be accessing products that can clean marble and granite superiorly well. These marble granite cleaners perform with real expertise to provide you with the pristine clean you desire every time. That is why so many customers are truly impressed with these fantastic quality marble granite cleaners.

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