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Dec 25, 2020/Stone Care Guides

Stone Restoration Adhesives for Your Next Restoration Project

There's no room for error when it comes to stone restoration projects. To restore and repair masonry installations, you need professional-grade products that give you outstanding results, time, and time again. In the stone restoration business, you deal with plenty of residential projects, such as chipped countertops, damaged floors, etc. Sometimes, you work on more delicate tasks like preserving historic masonry pieces. All of these projects require the use of adhesives, which is common in restoration and conservation practices.

Whether it's small repairs or complicated projects, MB Stone Pro's range of stone restoration adhesives is your top choice of products. These adhesives come from trusted brands and are dependable products that ease your working process and shorten your working hours. To deliver professional results, equip yourself with the right set of tools and stand out from the competition.


  1. TravFill™

 Bonstone's TravFil™ is a two-component stone restoration adhesive that serves as a filler for travertine, stone slab fabrication, and other porous stones. This lime-based and latex-modified adhesive is suitable for durable repairs that are also aesthetically pleasing. Use it to fill out gaps and pits in travertine floors or to skim coat vertical stones. You can also use it to achieve a travertine-like honed finish. The product is easy to mix and to apply to surfaces. The fast-curing stone restoration adhesive is designed as a slurry or knife-grade application. The TravFill™ is available in a neutral shade and travertine.


  1. Manual Dual 450ml Cartridge Gun

The manual dual cartridge gun dispenser is perfect for the controlled application of clear gel epoxy, adhesives, or other assembly fluids. The manual gun is ideal for fieldwork where repair applications take place. This hand-operated gun is industry-grade safe and suitable for professionals in the stone restoration industry.


  1. GL 80 Epoxy

The GL 80 Epoxy is a low viscosity epoxy with the power to penetrate deeply into natural stones. This epoxy is chemical and solvent-free, which means it is 100% reactive. It works tremendously as a stone restoration adhesive on marble, granite, or any other natural stone. The epoxy hardens at room temperature.


  1. Last Patch Limestone Quart

The Last Patch Limestone Quart is a high-performing compound ideal for patchwork on limestone and sandstone. This product contains all of the advantages of the Bonstone Last Patch compound for marble and granite. You can achieve seamless results and repair chips, spalls, and broken off corners on sandstone, limestone, and precast concrete. From fixing sculptures and monuments to chipped corners, this product is a must-have for stone restoration specialists. The compound also works well on granite surfaces with a flamed finish.


  1. CA Gel Glue

The CA Gel Glue is the perfect product for scratch removal on granite surfaces. Apart from granite, use it on other polished stone surfaces. This stone restoration adhesive hides small pits on surfaces and makes scratches undetectable. It's ideal for quick surface repairs. The product comes in a 20-gram tube.


  1. Special T - Glue-Thick 2 oz (Green)

This stone restoration adhesive is fast-curing with a bond time of 20 to 60 seconds. The product has a thick honey-like viscosity. It can bond both porous and non-porous materials and fill gaps up to 1/8". The Special T glue adheres to multiple materials, such as wood, metal, nitrile, rubber, composites, plastics, and more.

Stone restoration experts need reliable products in their toolkit to help them excel in projects. The stone restoration adhesives from MB Stone Pro simplify your jobs and are up to any challenge.

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