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Nov 25, 2020/Product Guides

Stone Restoration Chemical Supplies

stone restoration


Over time, stone surfaces in your home might lose their luster due to general wear and tear. When that happens, you can use trustworthy products to restore the beauty and shine of your stones. To improve the interior or exterior masonry in your house, you will need high-quality chemical supplies to do stone restoration work. These chemical supplies can help you refine scratches, remove stains, or seal stone surfaces. You can find the best stone restoration chemical supplies at MB Stone Pro. We only carry the industry-best brands and vetted chemicals that are user-friendly and efficient. From cleaners to polish sealants, we have all the necessary supplies for upscale stone restoration work.

protective safestone

  1. Protective Safestone

The Adria Safestone sealer is an effective protector for porous stones. This solvent-based sealer is a great choice for limestone, granite, sandstone, and other stones that are highly liquid absorbent. Its potent formula can penetrate the most hard-to-seal stones and deliver an excellent protective layer. Using the Adria Safestone impregnator will give you a natural-looking effect while successfully reducing the level of your stone's absorbency. All in all, this makes it much harder for stains to develop on the surface. The water-based sealer has a subtle odor and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It's an environment-friendly product without synthetic solvents or other harmful substances.


  1. Hidro 150

The Hidro 150 is a protective stain treatment for natural stones or other surfaces. It's an easy-to-use product that provides durable protection against stains while preserving the stone's natural breathability. When applied, the Hidro 150 doesn't produce a surface film but protects the treated area with its powerful stain-proof properties. It's a UV ray-resistant product that is water repellent and protects against dirt and staining. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the neutral product does not alter the coloring of the material on which you apply it. The Hidro 150 is safe for use on kitchen worktops since it's certified for food use. You can use this top-ranking sealer on multiple surfaces, such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, and concrete.

 Lithium Sealer Polisher For Concrete 

  1. Lithium Sealer Polisher For Concrete

The Lithium Sealer Polisher is an excellent treatment for concrete floors or surfaces. For any households that feature concrete in their homes, this is the ultimate stone restoration product. It provides many benefits, such as concrete strengthening, dust-proofing, enhanced finish, and fast results. You can use this sealer for a quick concrete polishing process with no residue after applying the product. The lithium formula also helps to reduce water absorption and staining. This treatment enhances the natural color of the surface without altering the characteristics of your concrete. It's a product that you can apply easily, achieve fast results, and ensure your concrete's protection.

Kristal Blu Granite Polishing Cream 

  1. Kristal Blu Granite Polishing Cream

The Kristal Blu polishing cream is a product made for granite mainly, but can also find use with polished tiles, vitrified tiles, and artificial stones. The formula of this chemical supply enjoys powerful properties against dust, acids, scratches, and stains. After being treated with Kristal Blu, your granite and other surfaces will look limpid and shiny. Stone restoration with Kristal Blu will give you three significant benefits:


  • High Level Of Shine - the small particles within Kristal Blu can penetrate the pores of tiles and develop a uniform layer of gloss.
  • Incredible Strength And Resistance - Kristal Blu contains hard titanium particles, which garner long-lasting results and resistance to external traffic. There is no need for frequent polishing, which saves you money on maintenance costs.
  • Slip And Stain Resistant - Surfaces treated with Kristal Blu are water repellent and resistant to juice, ink, acid, or alkaline detergents. Also, floors treated with this polishing cream are entirely slip-resistant.

 AX-IT Aerosol Baseboard Cleaner

  1. AX-IT Aerosol Baseboard Cleaner/Stripper CASE

The AX-IT cleaner is a potent chemical supply that is fast-acting and incredibly simple to use. Its purpose is to eliminate the most stubborn wax and soil buildup from baseboards and hard-to-reach spots. It's used frequently to clean and strip places where a floor machine can't reach. You can use it to remove multiple floor finishes and wax accumulation extremely fast from baseboards, tiles, stairs, coves, and the toughest spots that are hard to reach. The cleaning gel sticks to surfaces for complete contact. The convenient aerosol packaging includes an inverted valve, which allows for easy handling and accurate application. You can use it when you need superior cleaning power since it'll save you both time and labor. The AX-IT cleaner has a rinse-free formulation that doesn't leave an alkaline residue. The formula has a pleasant scent and doesn't contain CFCs.

3M™ Perfect-It™ Rubbing Compound Quart 

  1. 3M™ Perfect-It™ Rubbing Compound Quart

The 3M™ Perfect-It™ Rubbing Compound Quart is a high-performing compound that removes defects and fine-grade scratches. It's the fastest cutting vehicle rubbing compound that leaves a nice finish due to its unique mix of mineral and chemical technology. This product can maximize your level of productivity by leaving a consistent finish that requires a lower amount of machine polishing in the following step. This stone restoration chemical supply is the perfect product for defect removal, scratch refinement, and boosting productivity. It's very efficient at removing defects caused by hull sanding, and it works with all paints and gel coats.

This collection of products contains all of the necessary chemical supplies you need for stone restoration work. Our list includes a sealer or impregnator, a stain treatment polisher, a sealer polisher, a polishing cream, a cleaner (stripper), and a vehicle rubbing compound. All of these products are vetted chemical supplies, often used by pros in the stone restoration business. Their shared benefits include:

  • Manufactured by trusted brands.
  • Easy to use products with accurate application.
  • Efficient formulas that deliver attractive results.
  • They promote the longevity and maintenance of stones.
  • The products maximize productivity by saving you time and physical labor.

These products are highly suitable for professional stone restorators that need high-performing chemical supplies or homeowners that engage in stone restoration projects. Try our range of high-quality stone restoration products and restore your stone surfaces to a new-like condition.

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