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Granite & Marble Repair Kit


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Marble Repair Kit / Granite Repair Kit

The Granite & Marble Repair Kit by Bonastre is an essential tool for anyone dealing with the maintenance and restoration of stone surfaces. Whether you're a contractor or stone care professional, this kit provides a comprehensive solution for repairing and restoring both honed and polished granite and marble surfaces.

Designed for ease of use, the kit ensures quick and effective repairs, maintaining the beauty and integrity of stone installations. With its UV stable properties, this kit is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Key Features and Benefits

  • UV Stable: Suitable for interior and exterior applications, maintaining integrity in various weather conditions.
  • Durable Patches: Holds up through severe climate changes with long-lasting repairs.
  • Quick Repairs: Enables you to make repairs in minutes, saving time and effort.
  • Comprehensive Instructions: Comes with step-by-step instructions for easy and accurate use.
  • Color Matching: Assorted liquid tints allow for on-site color matching to accurately replicate the stone's appearance.
  • Complete Kit: Everything you need in one kit, including mix sticks, razor blades, mix cups, Flitz Polish, and gloves.
  • Professional Quality: Ideal for contractors and stone care professionals for job site repairs and installs.

Suitable Materials

This repair kit is specifically designed for use with:

  • Granite
  • Marble


The Granite & Marble Repair Kit is versatile and can be used for a variety of repair needs, including:

  • Crack Repairs: Seamlessly repair cracks in stone surfaces.
  • Countertop Repairs: Restore countertops to their original beauty.
  • Scratch Removal: Effectively eliminate scratches, bringing back a smooth finish.
  • Joints & Seams: Repair and reinforce joints and seams in stone installations.
  • Re-attaching Chips: Easily re-attach chips to maintain the integrity of the stone surface.

Kit Includes

  • Last Patch Gel - 1 kit
  • Last Patch Accelerator - .5 oz
  • 15 Mix sticks
  • 10 Razor blades
  • 30 mix cups
  • Flitz Polish
  • Pair of gloves
  • CA activator
  • CA Super Thin
  • CA Gel
  • Assorted liquid tints: Black, White, Buff, Brown, Green, Rust, Blue, Yellow

This advanced kit, derived from the Natural Stone and Scratch Repair Kits, is an excellent starter kit for professionals to have on hand for immediate and effective stone repairs. It allows for on-site color matching, making it an invaluable tool for maintaining the aesthetic and structural quality of granite and marble surfaces.

Using the Granite & Marble Repair Kit for Repairs

The Granite & Marble Repair Kit is designed to repair various types of damage to granite and marble surfaces. 

Granite Chip Repair

Granite chips often occur on countertops, especially around edges, due to heavy impact or accidental drops. These chips can detract from the aesthetic appeal and create potential weak points in the stone.

Effective chip repair requires a durable adhesive that can bond seamlessly with the granite, as well as the ability to color match the repair to the surrounding stone.

The Granite & Marble Repair Kit includes CA Gel and CA Super Thin, which are excellent for bonding and filling in chips. The assorted liquid tints allow for precise color matching.

Marble Chip Repair

Marble, being a softer stone, is more prone to chipping, especially in high-traffic areas or where heavy objects are used frequently, such as kitchen counters or bathroom vanities.

Repairing marble chips requires a gentle yet effective adhesive that can handle the delicate nature of the stone without causing additional damage. Color matching is also crucial to maintain aesthetic integrity.

The Last Patch Gel and assorted liquid tints in the kit provide the necessary materials for a seamless repair. The gel's formulation is gentle on marble while providing a strong bond, and the color tints help match the repair to the original stone.

Granite Crack Repair

Cracks in granite can develop due to structural shifts, heavy impacts, or natural expansion and contraction. These cracks, if left unrepaired, can grow and compromise the integrity of the stone.

The Last Patch Gel and CA Super Thin included in the kit are ideal for penetrating and sealing cracks. The UV stable properties ensure that the repairs can withstand environmental changes, making this kit suitable for both interior and exterior granite repairs.

Marble Crack Repair

Marble cracks are often caused by similar factors as granite, but marble’s softer nature makes it more susceptible to stress and impact.

The kit’s Last Patch Gel and CA Super Thin adhesives are well-suited for marble crack repairs, providing the necessary strength and flexibility. The assorted liquid tints help in matching the repair with the marble’s natural appearance.

Marble Countertop Repair

Marble countertops can suffer from chips, cracks, and scratches due to daily use and heavy kitchen activities. Keeping the countertop in pristine condition requires timely repairs to prevent further damage.

The Granite & Marble Repair Kit includes everything needed for countertop repairs, from adhesives and color tints to polishing materials. This makes it a one-stop solution for maintaining and restoring marble countertops.

Marble Tile and Floor Repair

Marble tiles and floors are susceptible to damage from foot traffic, furniture movement, and accidental impacts. Chips and cracks in flooring can pose safety hazards and diminish the floor’s visual appeal.

The Last Patch Gel, CA adhesives, and color tints in the kit are perfect for repairing marble tiles and floors. The included Flitz Polish helps restore the polished finish of the marble too!


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