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MB Stone Care MB-1 Floor Amore One Step Cleaner

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MB-1 Floor Amore One Step Cleaner is a highly concentrated, slightly alkaline detergent with a twist! It is rinse-free and leaves no dulling film. Special organic salts in its formula act as "moisturizers", thus preventing the natural stone from "drying out". It also contains optical brighteners to enhance the finish of the surfaces on which it is used and maintains a natural, streak-free look. Originally designed for marble and granite, it is gentle enough to be safely used on hardwood, ceramic, resilient tile and any other hard surface not harmed by water. This product is great to use with automatic scrubbing machines for maintenance of large commercial floors.

Also available in case quantities of 12 quarts or 4 gallons to a case. Call (888) 509-5831 for case pricing.

Directions for use: Mix approximately 1 to 3 ounces (4 to 12 cap fulls) according to soil conditions with 1 gallon of warm water, then mop as usual. DO NOT RINSE. Rinsing would remove the organic salts in the formula that were designed to remain on the floor surface. DO NOT use more product than the proportion indicated. Though no damage would occur, rinsing would be necessary.


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Frequently Asked Questions About This Floor Scrubber Detergent

Do you need a high-quality cleaning agent that is suitable for different floor types and won't damage critical machine components? You need MB-1 Floor Amore! This revolutionary product is one of the best low-foam detergents on the market and doesn't require a double scrub to achieve great results.

At MB Stone Pro, we understand how important it is to make good buying decisions, especially when working on commercial or industrial flooring. If you'd like to know more about this cleaning solution, you can learn more in the FAQ section below.

A mop and bucket are the bare minimum floor cleaning equipment needed for light cleaning with MB-1 Floor Amore. However, professionals may prefer mechanical means like a floor machine for more aggressive cleaning in industrial environments.

You can use this product as needed for cleaning natural stone, tile, or hardwood flooring.

Aftercare tips will vary, depending on the surface you're working with. This is why we recommend following the instructions on the bottle and contacting us if you require more information.

Please follow the directions on the label and read the safety data sheet before using it. You will also need to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. Get in touch with us if anything is unclear or if you require more information about using this product safely.

This floor scrubber detergent is safe for natural stone. No rinsing is required, as it is designed to moisturize and brighten the stone. Unlike other products, it contains environmentally safer surfactants and is really easy to use. Moreover, no aggressive cleaning or scrubbing is required to get great results.

No. You will not need to rinse after cleaning the floor with MB-1 as long as you dilute the solution prior to use. Furthermore, rinsing would eliminate the organic salts in the mixture that were intended to remain on the surface, which is why we advise letting this solution dry on your flooring.

If you have heavy soiling, we would usually recommend something like the MB-2 Alkaline HD Cleaner, as it is a heavy-duty cleaning agent.

Suppose you require more information about this product or haven't been able to achieve the optimal cleaning results you were looking for. In that case, we recommend getting in touch with us, and we will gladly answer your questions. Call us today at (888) 509-5831.

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