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MB-21 Enhance is a professional grade premium solvent based, VOC compliant formulation. MB-21 Enhance is an easy to use, clear, very low odor, non-flammable formula that was designed for homeowners and contractors alike. MB-21 Enhance is safe to use on food prep surfaces and not sensitive to most common household acidic substances. The result is permanent.

MB-21 Enhance provides optimum sealing capabilities protecting against oil and water based staining agents. It will enhance the color (darken) of tumbled marble, unpolished limestone and any other non-polished (honed, cleft, flamed, etc.) stone surface including brick, concrete, and terracotta.

Coverage area: 100-200 sq feet depending on the stone.

Also available in 12 Quart Case. Call for pricing. (888) 509-5831

Directions for use:

  • Make sure surface is thoroughly cleaned and free of debris.
  • Wearing rubber gloves apply product liberally with a brush or clean rag to manageable areas whether on floors or tops.
  • Let the product sit for 15 minutes, all the while keeping the surface wet.
  • Then remove the excess product thoroughly from the surface.
  • Buff the surface with soft rags or paper towels until dry to the touch.
  • Then proceed to the next section overlapping the previous section and repeat the process.
  • A minimum of two coats are suggested.
  • Cure time is 24 hours before use and 36 hours for full cure.

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Weight 1.0 lb


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