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Hyper Grinder Hypervak 220 HSC Vacuum Tool


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Hypervak 220 HSC TOOLS is the ideal partner for all professionals who need excellent suction performance and excellent filtering capacities. A concentrate of power and reliability enclosed in an extremely robust and compact instrument.

It finds its ideal application in construction, in body shops or in any sector that requires a practical vacuum cleaner, with good maneuverability for the suction of fine dust, whether connected to power tools, sanders or used as a simple work tool.

  • 2 By-pass single-phase motors
  • Industrial vacuum for collection of very fine dust
  • Self-cleaning vacuum cleaner without interrupting suction, without operator intervention
  • Constant efficiency all time long
  • Multi-filter system vacuum, Nr 2 HEPA + PTFE filters on series
  • AISI 430 Stainless steel realization
  • Very compact design for easy transportation
  • Filter protection to improve the cyclone effect
  • 20 liters tank quick release for a fast disposal
  • Vacuum hose is included
Model 220 HSC Tools
Motor 2 Brush motor
Power 2200
Volt 110
Hertz 60
Amp 9.6
Filter HEPA
Airflow CFM 200
Nozzle 60 mm
Filter chamber diameter 400 mm

Weight 80.0 lb


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