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MB Stone 5 Inch Ultra Turbo Flexible Hybrid


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5 Inch Ultra Turbo Flexible Hybrids are a copper/resin hybrid bond diamond designed for your harder marbles. These pads are great for transitioning from metals into the ultra turbo pads.

When used with our original Ultra Turbo diamonds, you can jump up a step from where you left off with the Ultra Hybrids. For example, if you finish with the 200 grit Ultra Turbo Hybrid, you can jump right to original Ultra Turbo.

Save time and money by using the best pads available on the market.

Not recommended for concrete.

Available in 30, 50, 120, 220, 400 grits. FULL SET option is 30 through 400 grits

Weight 1.0 lb1.0 lb1.0 lb1.0 lb1.0 lb1.0 lb


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